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Welocalize Develops COTI Compliant Connector for GlobalSight

Marketwired has just published an article on the COTI-compliant connector:

FREDERICK, MD--(Marketwired - Nov 11, 2014) - Welocalize, global leader in innovative translation and localization solutions, has developed a COTI connector for GlobalSight, Welocalize's proprietary open-source translation management system (TMS). This connector is the first Level Three COTI Connector to be developed by a language service provider (LSP).

COTI is the Common Translation Interface standard established by DERCOM, the Association of German Manufacturers of Authoring and Content Management Systems. The COTI standard has three levels of functionality, with level three having the highest degree of integration utilizing full automation and connectivity. This new connector now makes it possible for GlobalSight users to connect all COTI compliant content management systems (CMS) to provide a seamless, integrated translation workflow.

Read the full article here.