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Translia is an innovative translation company providing 24/7 professional online translation services and advanced collaborative translation management system. With more than 10,000 professional native-speaking translators worldwide, Translia helps thousands of clients get started with their translation needs for over 100 languages, offers real-time progress monitoring and turns around completed translations within 20 hours or less. Translia’s cloud-based translation management system can be customized to fit client’s specific needs to manage the whole project life cycle easily and efficiently. With a 100% money-back guarantee, Translia ensures complete satisfaction to all clients.

GlobalSight Data Sheet

Welocalize is demonstrating industry leadership through the only open-source, community standard enterprise Translation Management Systems (TMS) called GlobalSight. The innovative GlobalSight open-source initiative is a 2000+ strong community of likeminded clients, vendors and industry supporters and serves as the foundation of our client engagements and supply chain m!anagement.

GlobalSight Datasheet


Spartan Software provides on-demand translation technologies for both enterprises and translation services providers. We have been architects and lead developers of leading translation management systems, including WorldServer, GlobalSight, and ONTRAM. We also play a key role in the Interoperability Now! initiative and make significant contributions to the Okapi project. We are the development partner for the TAUS Data and TAUS DQF applications.

Welcome to the new GlobalSight

Welcome to the new We look forward to collaborating and sharing insights from our GlobalSight community. The site has been updated to represent the ongoing commitment to GlobalSight, as the leading open source translation management system.

Please register on the site to join the community and participate in the forums. Your active participation drives innovation and is a source for updates and developments. We will be sharing new updates and resources on the site, including new release details through our blog and forums. Please subscribe to stay in touch.

If you would like to be a contributor of content, please contact


OmegaT is a free translation memory application written in Java. It is a tool intended for professional translators. It does not translate for you! (Software that does this is called "machine translation", and you will have to look elsewhere for it.)

OmegaT has the following features:

  • Fuzzy matching
  • Match propagation
  • Simultaneous processing of multiple-file projects
  • Simultaneous use of multiple translation memories
  • User glossaries with recognition of inflected forms
  • Document file formats include:
    • Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx)
    • XHTML and HTML
    • Open Document Format (LibreOffice,
    • MediaWiki (Wikipedia)
    • Plain text
    • ...and around 30 other file formats
  • Unicode (UTF-8) support: can be used with non-Latin alphabets
  • Support for right-to-left languages
  • Integral spelling checker
  • Compatible with other translation memory applications (TMX, TTX, TXML, XLIFF, SDLXLIFF)
  • Interface to Google Translate


Globalme is a language technologies company. We adopted GlobalSight shortly after it became open source and provide customized services to let companies of all sizes enjoy the full benefits.

Services we provide:

  • SaaS - get a shared or dedicated GlobalSight instance and get started with GlobalSight instantly
  • Training - have your team of linguists, project managers and administrators do things right from the beginning
  • Consulting - find out if GlobalSight is the right tool for your needs and how you can customize it to fit your existing processes
  • Integration - have our team integrate GlobalSight with your existing content sources such as content management systems and code repositories to simplify your translation workflow

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