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GlobalSight 8.2 In-depth: "My Activities"
Written by Chase Tingley   

With the release of GlobalSIght 8.2 this week, we wanted to give more information about some of the new things in the release.  For many users, "My Activities" screen is the most important part of GlobalSight -- it's how many users manages their work.  So it is a natural place to start talking about what's new in GlobalSight 8.2.


We've been looking at the performance of the "My Activities" page since GlobalSight 8.1.1, when we dramatically improved how the page behaves when there are large numbers of jobs to display.  We've continued to improve that part of the product in GlobalSight 8.2, and we're happy with what we've accomplished.  Users should see noticeably faster responses even with large numbers of activities.

Based on internal testing.

Batch Completion of Activities

One of the most common complaints we hear from Welocalize PMs who use GlobalSight is that it's difficult to manage a lot of jobs at once.  It's common for a user to end up with many activities assigned to them at once, such as several Review tasks that are all being completed at the same time.  Once the work is done, the user needs go to the details page for each activity and click the "Task Completed" button.  When more than one activity needs completion, this quickly grows tedious.

In GlobalSight 8.2, we added the "Complete Activity" feature to the My Activities screen to solve just this problem.  Simply select the tasks you want to complete, and advance all the workflows with a single click!

Batch Completion of Workflows

However, we didn't stop there.  There was another problem we kept hearing about.  For various reasons, sometimes users wanted to quickly advance a workflow through multiple steps at once.  Often this happens when the workflow isn't precisely modeling how the translation process works, for example because Translation and Review step are sometimes combined, or there's an optional final step that isn't always performed.  Although not everyone needed it, we found that it was a common request to allow a PM to complete all the remaining activities in a workflow, following the default workflow transitions to the exit.  So we added the "Complete Workflow" button to do this.

The two features each have their own permission setting.  They're enabled by default for the Administrator and ProjectManager permission groups for new companies.  Existing companies will need to enable the features explicitly.