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Written by Andrew Draheim   

Welocalize Unveils Open-Source Roadmap for GlobalSight

Since the launch of GlobalSight Open-Source TMS in January 2009, Welocalize was and continues to be committed to releasing a stable, robust and flexible open-source TMS to the public. A development team initially worked on transitioning the product to open-source by replacing several third-party software components with open-source equivalents. The GlobalSight team is now dedicated to improving the product, based on community and user feedback, so that it is dynamic and flexible.

  • January 2009: Public Release of GlobalSight TMS
  • July 2009: GlobalSight integrates Google Translate
  • August 2009: Rosetta Stone adopts GlobalSight as support system & CrowdSight Product Release
  • October 2009: Integrated with ProMT
  • February 2010: SaaS services (hosting, training and tech support) available
  • March 2010: XML preview and layered file filters
  • May 2010: TAUS Translation Memory Supercloud Partnership
  • June 2010: GlobalSight supports TM2 IBM Partnership & Integration with Microsoft MT engine
  • August 2010: GlobalSight Editions, Terminology creation management and Microsoft MT integration
  • February 2011: TBX Support, additional file filters, TAUS Translation matching, WorldServer XLZ support
  • February 2011: CNGL Partnership announced
  • April 2011: FrameMaker 9 support
  • June 2011: OpenTM2 interoperability

The next major release of GlobalSight, currently planned for Fall 2011, is set to include :

  • Initial support for automatic actions, Passolo integration