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Derek Coffey
An Irishman in New England
2011.09.28 00:31:54

My first blog from my new office!  In August I relocated my family to Newburyport MA, just north of Boston.  The level of interest in our GlobalSight technology has grown over the least two years to the point where I’ve been living out of a suitcase, spending half my time in the US meeting clients and discussing how they can capitalize on the efficiencies of GlobalSight and our other technologies.  Moving here was the next logical step,  made easy by how warmly we’ve been welcomed by the locals!


While I’ve been busy with my move, our GlobalSight development team have been particularly busy delivering new features and bug fixes in GlobalSight.  Some of the key new features we’ve enabled include:


  • Framemaker 9.0 support
  • Passolo integration – support for Passolo LPU files
  • Ability to reapply TM’s to active jobs
  • Improvements to internal tag handling
  • Workflow improvement – complete multiple tasks with one click


Another new feature in the pipeline is an online version of the Desktop Uploader.  We are recreating the same functionality but this time imbedding it within GlobalSight – no more need to install desktop client software for your content submitters.  Another feature will be a service based client you can install on the content server that will allow you to configure a push/pull to transit data to/from GlobalSight.  These will both be available in our 8.3 release that will be available in December.

I'm excited to see other companies building service offerings around the GlobalSight open source platform. DIG-IT! solutions are now providing consulting and professional services to help clients deploy GlobalSight - Milen Epik has recently joined the team over there - Milen was part of the original GlobalSight Corp. team and ran the Professional Services team at GlobalSight for UK many years.  GlobalME have also done some very interesting work recently, creating a connector for GlobalSight to Wordpress and Drupal, and now providing hosting and deployment services..  The GlobalMe guys are going to join us at our GlobalSight bootcamp prior to LocWorld, so please drop by if you can.


Earlier this month I had the opportunity to present at the Localization Research Centre conference in Limerick, Ireland.    I posed the question – “will we be the Fedex of Words or the Walmart of words?”.  The point of the presentation was to take a look at Fedex and how they have focused on driving all cost and inefficiency out of the entire supply chain – something the Localization industry as a whole doesn’t have a good track record.  In the presentation I looked at the high level of admin translations – as we’ve moved from an industry delivering large, discrete projects to a continuous translation flow, our admin systems haven’t kept the pace and  key points in the supply chain are still trying to deliver services using old models.  For organisations trying to achieve operational efficencies enterprise systems such as GlobalSight that support the entire supply chain become critical infrastructure.  So what about the ‘Walmart of Words’ – Walmart has succeeded by delivering on a size and scale that nobody could compete with – there is no single largest service provider in the localization space.  This has an impact on the other key friction in our industry – the flow of content.  The inability to simply and efficiently move translatable content from authoring system to content management, to translation management system into translator workspace, has created cost throughout the supply chain.  The lack of a ‘Walmart’ to drive standards has resulted in a lack of standardization that has hurt the entire supply chain.

As the need for standards has received more attention over the last year we can hope that real change is coming – XLIFF 2.0 is certainly going to be the cornerstone of our next generation of standards, and the work the XLIFF committee is doing is very promising – there might not be a Walmart of words out there but there is a willing and focused standards community!



2014.10.17 02:07:23

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