What’s New with GlobalSight 8.5.6

After many months of hard work, the Welocalize GlobalSight Development team is proud to present the release of GlobalSight 8.5.6. This new version includes many exciting new features that will delight the GlobalSight community. In this blog, I want to tell you more about the new release.

We have introduced a lot of new features and functionality to make GlobalSight 8.5.6 easier to use and more productive for all our communities. We have made many changes to the user interface (UI) to make navigation easier, whilst also providing more efficient access to the most used features and data.

At a glance, some new improvements include:

  • Improved My Activities and My Jobs screens
  • More flexibility downloading files from the Downloads Page
  • Easier access to jobs and activities details by simply right-clicking from My Activities and My Jobs
  • Easier creation of PDFs from My Job Details instead of the Popup editor

BETTER REPORTING: We have also improved the reporting functionality in GlobalSight 8.5.6. Reports have also become much more suitable to user requirements. For example, by distinguishing ICE and 100% Matches, we also provide the option to include compact tags in the Reviewers Comments Report. We have also created a reviewer scorecard and a scorecard report to help reviewers easily rate and track the work of the translator. For project manager’s, we have made it easier to track items like comment implemented with the improved Implemented Comments Report.

GlobalSight 8.5.6 enables more visibility by showing the number of workflows exporting at any point in time and more information has been added to notifications by including Job comments and word counts for the reviewers.

MORE BENEFITS FOR TRANSLATORS: For the translators, there are many improvements in this latest version of GlobalSight and more flexibility in the most used features.  One of the main improvements is the better text order in InDesign files. When working online, translators can use the new PDF color preview for INDD and IDML files and use a text search from the activity details screen. When working offline, translators can use the improved OmegaT translation kits with color coding for ICE and 100% matches. There is also a new option to allow users to download combined kits. Translators can now save time when downloading kits by using the new option that allows them not to download any fully-leveraged files.

MORE EFFICIENCY FOR THE PM’S: For the PM’s, we have provided more options to help with the quoting process by providing the number of pages per file as well as the word-count. We have made downloads easier by adding a new option to download multiple target files at the same time and provide better extraction and filtering for Office 2010 documents; for example, configurable segment Order for MS Excel 2010 and editable filter names.

There are also new MT and CMS connectors :  DoMT for MT and COTI for CMSs.

We hope all the hard work we have put on this latest version of GlobalSight will enable users to get the most out of our leading TMS. I look forward to hearing your feedback.