What’s new in GlobalSight 8.6

The latest version of Welocalize’s open-source translation management system (TMS), GlobalSight 8.6, was launched at the Localization World Conference 2015 in Berlin.  Senior Solutions Architect at Welocalize, Vincent Swan, shared the latest features and updates at the special GlobalSight Boot Camp conference session. This latest version brings even more functionality, enabling users to manage, translate and deliver global content. Andrew Gibbons details the new features in the following post.

There are a number of new features on the latest version, GlobalSight 8.6 that add benefit and significant value to GlobalSight users.

IMPORT PROCESS: The big item on the agenda for GlobalSight 8.6 was the improvements to the import process. We noticed that large jobs would be memory hungry and we tracked that down to usage of the JMS queuing system. To improve the memory usage, we created our own queue. This enabled us to have a more granular control over how many threads were available to do work for each file type. This function is turned on by default in the 8.6 version of GlobalSight and the configuration file is called createJob.properties. In the 8.6 version, there is also a new import management console, so large jobs in progress can be cancelled by the admin. In later releases, we will review the usage for the JMS queue for export as well. We also noticed high memory usage for a large number of files for kit upload and thus made some improvements in this area too. The configuration file is called offlineUpload.properties.

MT CONTROL: Another key feature of GlobalSight 8.6 is machine translation (MT) control. For each MT type, you can increase the logging for debugging of connection to the MT systems or adjust the timeouts for how long GlobalSight will wait for an answer from the chosen MT system. Supported MT systems are now MS translator, Asia Online, DoMT, IP Translator, ProMT, Safaba, and Google Translate. The configuration file is called mt.config.properties.

REVIEWER SCORECARD: For reviewers, we give the opportunity to score an overall impression of the translation, under four categories and provide an overall comment. The scorecard categories are adjustable. These comments and scores can be reported via the usual reporting feature. To turn this feature on, check the radio button in the workflow, and in the project, select the scorecard option.

NEW LOG FOR AUDITING: We now log any changes, addition, modification and deletion in the Workflow, Translation Memory (TM), Translation Memory (TM) profile, Projects, Location Profiles, Filter Configuration, File Profiles, Segmentation Rules and Users. This is useful tracking down accidental and deliberate changes to critical settings that may affect leverage and word counts.

DOWNLOADABLE TRANSLATION KITS BY WORD COUNT: GlobalSight 8.6 can now split a file based on word count, or combine all files together. You can keep the original source folder structure or flatten it and also have the option to download a repetitions-only file.

NEW CONTEXT REVIEW TOOL: Reviewers do not need to log into GlobalSight 8.6. They can obtain an encrypted link from GlobalSight via an API that will take the user directly to the online review tool, with the ability to generate a preview pdf. Other Welocalize systems can request a reviewer link from GlobalSight and can the encrypted link out via email.

The path to the configuration files of interest is <GLOBALSIGHT_HOME>/<SERVER_HOME>/jboss/server/standalone/deployments/globalsight.ear/lib/classes/properties/.

GlobalSight 8.6 release notes, including product documentation, bug trackers and forums are available online at www.globalsight.com. The new version of GlobalSight is available to download at Sourceforge.net.  If you would like a demonstration of GlobalSight or to discuss any of the features, please let contact us today.