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Accepting the Task

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GlobalSight notifies the Project Manager when a job is available for finalization.

To accept the task:

  1. Open your browser and navigate to the GlobalSight URL provided
  2. Enter your Project Manager user name and password and click Login

  3. Click My Activities

  4. Set the Status to Available and click Search. You can speed up the search by entering a Job ID or part of the Job Name, or by clicking the link in the email

  5. Click the job name

  6. Review the general parameters of the job. For example word count, locale, duration and so on
  7. Click Accept to work on the job

  8. Click Comments and take note of the comments and instructions
    Finalizing image7.png

    • Job comments may also be listed in the email notification you received
    • Job comments often contain reference files. For instance PDF files or URL to a web application