GlobalSight 8.0 webinar Q&A

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GlobalSight 8.0 New Feature Webinar - Q&A

Here are responses to the questions we weren't able to answer during the webinar.

Q: Which version of SRX does GlobalSight support for segmentation rules?
A: SRX 2.0.

Q: Status of development of the GlobalSight Automatic Action capability:
A: Although an early-summer GlobalSight release will include some of the underlying framework for automatic actions (AAs), the first release that will allow for development of custom automatic actions is planned for Q4. Some additional details on this:

  • The plan is to roll out GlobalSight AA capability over time.
  • A Q4 release will be the first release on which we can develop custom AAs. We anticipate that in the beginning, AAs (even custom AAs) will need to be developed by Welocalize or someone with similarly deep GlobalSight expertise. Over time, we plan to make AA development easier
  • AAs will be developed in Java outside GlobalSight, and uploaded into GlobalSight as plug-ins
  • AAs will be added to workflows using the current (enhanced) workflow editor
  • AAs may have multiple exit paths. For example, An AA that checks the translation against the terminology database might have one exit path for "pass" and one for "fail". The AA code selects the appropriate exit path as it executes
  • AAs may take input parameters which are set by the workflow designer at workflow creation time. For example, an automatic action that sends email might take the destination email address as an input parameter
  • Initially GlobalSight will support only "language-level" AAs (which execute independently for each language, as opposed to "job-level" AAs)

Q: CrowdSight development plans:
A: The CrowdSight application is currently in a proof-of-concept stage, and available for download (including source) on There is no current active development effort by Welocalize to make it a fully production-ready product, although this may change in the future. We are currently engaged with a client to develop a production-ready version for their requirements/environment, and we could certainly do this for other clients as well as a professional services engagement

Q: In the popup editor demo, why wasn't the word "ever" highlighted?
A: Kudos to the sharp eye that caught that! It looks like a bug to me, so I've submitted it to the development team

Q: Does the inline editor now highlight differences between the source being translated and the source in a TM match?
A: No, this feature is specific to the popup editor.

Q: In the popup editor, can you mark a segment as translated even if you choose to leave it as-is, to make the percentage of progress more accurate?
A: Yes, if you hit the Save button in the segment editor, it gets counted in the "Translated" percentage even if you don't change it

Q: Any Smart Phone or pad apps in the future?
A: I would bet on it happening at some point. There has been some discussion (and some initial work) on a iPhone app for PMs, but there's nothing with a date assigned to it yet.