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GlobalSight provides a number of default reports. To open the list of reports, click Reports in the top menu. You can also click Reports under Common on the main page.

Running Reports

Click a report to run it. All reports in are saved in xlsx format.

To create or customize a report, contact the GlobalSight Team.

Report Description Gsreports31.jpg
Job Details Basic details and status on a defined job
Comments Reports on Job, Activity or Segment Comments
Word Count (Deprecated) Word Count based on client review. This report has been deprecated and may be removed in a future release.
Job Status Job Status based on client review
Activity Duration Time taken for each activity in a workflow
Online Jobs Details project costs by month.
Online Review Status Online Review Status Report
Detailed Word Counts by Job Detailed Word Counts by Job
Vendor PO Vendor PO Report
Summary Report Vendor PO Report
Reviewer Vendor PO Vendor PO Report
Reviewers Comments Report Reviewers Comments Report
Translations Edit Report Translations Edit Report
Character Count Report Character Count report

Checking Recent Reports

You can click Reports->Recent Reports to check for the status of reports that you are currently running. You can cancel a report that is already generating.


The Recent Reports window pops up showing a list of the reports that are currently in progress.


You can then download the report from the top window once it is generated.


You are warned if:

  • You run a report that is already generating
  • You run a report on a large number of jobs at once