Removing Java 7

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Due to issues with Java, we recommend uninstalling Java 7 and installing the latest version of Java 6.

If you are still using Java 6, do not upgrade to Java 7.


Remove all versions of Java and re-install the latest version from Oracle. The latest version of Java 6 is release 35.

Download it from Oracle:

Note that x64 versions of Windows require two installs of Java - one for x64 browsers and one for x32 browsers.


To uninstall from Windows 7:

  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Select Programs->Uninstall Programs
  3. Uninstall all Java versions including Java 7 and Java 6
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  4. Restart your machine to completely clear java.

Following the link above, download the appropriate Java version for your browsers and machine. If you are not sure, contact your IT department.

For Windows 7 x64 edition, you’ll need two installs - one for x32 browsers and one for x64 browsers.

  • For x32 browsers on Windows choose jre-6u35-windows-i586.exe
  • For x64 browsers on Windows choose jre-6u35-windows-x64.exe

Install the versions of Java appropriate and restart.