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Reviewing DTP and LSO
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Reviewing DTP/LSO
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To add DTP and LSO review comments:

  1. Click Comments and check for any instructions or comments

  2. Click New… under Activity Comments and add your comments, even if you have no feedback

  3. Add a summary comment and click Attach Files
    Editing image44.png

  4. Click Browse and select the file to attach
  5. Click Upload and then click Done
  6. Click Task Completed and OK when prompted
    Editing image46.png

Open Comment warning: You can keep your comments open or close them.

To close the comments:

  1. Click the Comments tab
  2. Click the file name under Segment Comments
  3. Click View Page. The Popup Editor opens
  4. Double-click the comments at the bottom of the screen or right-click the segments to edit the Comment Status or Segment
  5. Set the Status in the comment window
  6. Add a comment and click OK
  7. Close the Editor to return to the Details tab
  8. Click Task Complete and then click OK

The job is forwarded to the next activity.