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About GlobalSightAccepting the Task: finalizing
Accepting the activityAccepting the activity: DTPAccepting the activity: Making Review Changes
Accepting the activity (reviewer)
Activity Duration ReportAdding/editing/deleting files from a job
Adding Job CommentsAdding More Time for ActivitiesAdding New File Formats
Adding Single LanguagesAdding WorkflowsAdding an RSS Feed
Adding and Removing ResourcesApproving QuotesArchiving jobs
Building and Deploying GlobalSightCanceling JobsCanceling Workflows
Character Count ReportChecking Detailed Word CountsComments Analysis Report
Comments ReportComparing GlobalSight with WorldServerCompleting Activities for Other Users
Completing the activityCompleting the activity: Making Review Changes
Configuring Desktop IconConfiguring the Excel 2010 Filter
Configuring the InDesign FilterConfiguring the Open Office FilterConfiguring the RC File Filter
Configuring the XML FilterConnecting to a CVS with the GlobalSight Desktop IconConverting Content to GXML
Creating CompaniesCreating CurrenciesCreating File Profiles
Creating JobsCreating Jobs with Desktop IconCreating Localization Profiles
Creating RatesCreating Translation Memory ProfilesCreating Workflows
Current eventsDTPDebugging GlobalSight
Designing the GlobalSight AdaptersDesktop IconDetailed Word Counts by Job Report
Developing GlobalSightDispatching JobsDocset
Downloading In-Progress FilesDownloading MT Translation KitsDownloading the DTP Files
Downloading the Final FilesDownloading the Translation KitEnabling Batch Complete Activity and Batch Complete Workflow
Enabling Updating Leverage for Active JobsFile-types supported
Getting General Status InformationGetting Job and Activity Status InformationGetting Started Guide
Getting the CodeGlobalSight 7.1GlobalSight 7.1.8 presentation
GlobalSight 8.0 webinar Q&AGlobalSight 8.3 patch releaseGlobalSight Architecture
GlobalSight Developer’s GuideGlobalSight FAQsGlobalSight Filters
GlobalSight ReportsGlobalSight Web Services APIGlobalSight database schema
GlobalSight release 7.1GlobalSight release release
GlobalSight release release release
GlobalSight release release release
GlobalSight release 8.0GlobalSight release 8.1GlobalSight release 8.1.1
GlobalSight release 8.2GlobalSight release 8.2.2GlobalSight release 8.3
GlobalSight release 8.5GlobalSight release 8.5.1GlobalSight release 8.5.6
GlobalSight release 8.6GlobalSight release 8.6.7GlobalSight releases
Handling jobs with multiple files and localesImplemented Comments Check ReportImporting Terminology
Importing Translation MemoriesInstalling Desktop Icon on Ubuntu Desktop and CentOS
Installing Desktop Icon on WindowsInstalling Desktop Icon on a MacInstalling GlobalSight
Installing GlobalSight on UbuntuInstalling GlobalSight on WindowsInstalling Third-party Components for GlobalSight on Ubuntu
Installing Third-party Components for GlobalSight on WindowsInstalling the GlobalSight Desktop IconJob Details Report
Job Status ReportLogging inMain Page
Main Page100Making DTP and LSO Review ChangesMaking Review Changes
Making Review Changes offlineMaking Review Changes onlineManaging TMs
Managing TerminologyMy ActivitiesMy Jobs
On-line HelpOnline Jobs Report
Online Review Status ReportOpening Desktop Icon on a MacOptional Finalizing Steps
Performing DTPProject Management
QuotingRating TranslationsRe-assigning Activities
Removing Java 7Resetting User DetailsResolving differences
Reviewer Vendor PO Report
Reviewers Comments ReportReviewingReviewing DTP/LSO
Reviewing DTP and LSOReviewing offlineReviewing online
Running GlobalSight Behind an Apache Reverse ProxySearching JobsSecurity Alert for GlobalSight 8.3
Setting up Activity TypesSetting up Desktop IconSetting up GlobalSight
Setting up GlobalSight AttributesSetting up GlobalSight EditionsSetting up Job Creation
Setting up Locale PairsSetting up Permission GroupsSetting up Project Templates
Setting up SDL Passolo 2011 IntegrationSetting up SSL SupportSetting up TM sharing between GlobalSights
Setting up UsersSetting up the Development EnvironmentSetup Overview
Skipping ActivitiesSubmitting queriesSummary Report
System RequirementsSystem requirementsTerms and abbreviations
Translating offlineTranslating onlineTranslating online with Inline Editor
Translating online with Pop-up EditorTranslating with OmegaTTranslating with Trados Studio
Translating with Trados TagEditorTranslating with Trados WorkbenchTranslating with an RTF file
Translating with an XLIFF fileTranslations Edit ReportTroubleshooting translation problems
Updating the LeverageUpdating the Word CountUpgrading GlobalSight
Uploading the final changesUploading the translationsUseful SQL database queries
Using GlobalSightUsing Inline EditorUsing My Account
Using Pop-up EditorUsing the Desktop IconUsing the GlobalSight CVS Connector
Using the GlobalSight Web Services API Test ToolVendor PO ReportViewing All Comments
Viewing In-Progress TranslationsWord Count (Deprecated) Report