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To translate a file with Pop-up Editor:

For more details on Pop-up Editor in general, see Using Pop-up Editor.
  1. Right-click the file under Primary Target Files and select Open in popup editor

  2. Select the view that suits best
  3. Click a segment to translate on the right. The Segment Editor opens

    • Click Unlock to allow editing of segments with exact matches, if needed. Check with your PM which kind of segments can be unlocked
    • You cannot unlock segments if you have not accepted the activity
  4. Translate or edit as needed in the Segment Editor:
    • Add your translation in the Target. The Source segment shows on top
    • Use the Terminology Matches (glossary) as much as possible
    • Fuzzy match segments show in TM Match Results. Right-click and select Copy to Editor to use it

  5. Click Save or Next Segment to continue translating
  6. Click Close to exit the Segment Editor and return to Pop-up Editor
  7. Click the arrow under Page Navigation to translate other pages in this job, if any

  8. Click Close when you are finished