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British Prime Minister Cameron surprise visit to Afghanistan working with the new president talks Ghani

October 3, according to <a href=>nike tn requin</a> foreign reports, the British Prime Minister David Cameron, without prior announcement, on Friday (3rd) suddenly arrived in Kabul visit, becoming the first and Afghan leaders held talks with the new president Ghani.

Ghani on Monday (September 29) was sworn in <a href=>air max pas cher homme</a> as President of Afghanistan.

Afghan Presidential Palace and the British Embassy confirmed the visit has already begun, <a href=>hogan outlet</a> <a href=>woolrich outlet</a> the two leaders of the ongoing talks.

Most NATO troops will withdraw from Afghanistan before the end of this year, currently 3900 British troops, as NATO's International Security Assistance Force in part.

ISAF combat mission will end by the end of this year, starting in <a href=>tiffany roma</a> 2015, engaged in training the Afghan army and police forces and support.