Creating Localization Profiles

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The localization profile ties all of the parts of the job together.

The localization profile defines:

  • When the job starts
  • Who does the job
  • The order in which the job is done

For example, you can create a localization profile for the translation of your website or your technical documentation.

To create a localization profile:

  1. Click Localization Profiles in the FileSystem Guide

  2. Click New. The New Localization Profile pages opens

  3. Enter an easy-to-understand Name and Description
  4. Select the Translation Memory Profile
  5. Select the Project
  6. Select a Priority: from 1 to 5
  7. Select the Source Locale. The Attach Workflow menu opens

  8. Select the workflows to attach
  9. Use Translation Memory: select Yes - Allow Edit of Locked Segments, Yes - Deny Edit of Locked Segments or No
  10. Workflow Dispatch: select Automatic or Manual
  11. Click Save

The localization profile is created and added to the Localization Profiles list.