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GlobalSight release 7.1

This is the first release of GlobalSight, a new open-source TMS based on Ambassador 7.0. GlobalSight is an open-source Translation Management System (TMS) that helps automate the critical tasks associated with the creation, translation, review, storage and management of business content and materials. With zero license fees, the GlobalSight TMS provides a low-risk, flexible and sustainable technology at a fraction of the cost of commercial TMS products in the market today.

The product has completed a successful beta testing phase by several key companies, including AOL, Autodesk, Salesforce.com and Sun Microsystems. Stay tuned for testimonials from beta testers on their overall experience. We encourage you to check out the rest of discussion forum to retrieve answers to FAQs and tech tips from beta testers and the GlobalSight development team.

Is GlobalSight for me?

If you are an enterprise client with high-volume, cross-departmental translation management needs, who demands seamless, internal workflow between multiple content stakeholders, GlobalSight integrates your total Global Content Value Chain (GCVC) through adaptors for content repositories (CMS) and web services API for external business systems. If you are a Language Service Provider (LSP) looking to replace or implement an in-house translation management process automation tool, GlobalSight provides a scalable platform to manage the multitude of translation projects processed every day. Download Now!

The GlobalSight software and source repository is available for free download for Windows and Linux on globalsight.com and gsourceforge.net under the Apache 2.0 License, which provides access to the copyright license without obligation to submit proprietary customizations back to the public. At the same time, a Contributor License is available for community-based contributions submitted for distribution and integration back into the core GlobalSight product.

Through the open-source model, users benefit from the collective experience of the community, by collaborating with individuals and companies who share common goals and exchanging tips and best-practices for trouble-shooting and product optimization - all to build a next-generation, industrial-strength TMS that can be customized for your particular processes and development environments.

GlobalSight releases

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