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==GlobalSight release 8.1 ==
==GlobalSight release 8.1 ==
== What's in this release? ==
== What's in this release? ==
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GlobalSight release 8.1

What's in this release?

This is a bugfix release focusing on system stability, core features, and bugs encountered by customers and our own teams.

New features

  • Added FrameMaker to MIF and PDF Converter
  • Support for FrameMaker 9


  • Improved the setting for session timeout
  • Modified the reports to Trados word breakdowns
  • Moved PM Charge from cost charges to price charges
  • PO file filter: translations leveraged from a PO file already translated are now scored as ICE matches
  • Improved the File List report
  • Machine translation is no longer populated for repetition segments

Bug fixes

  • NoSuchElementException when trying to add a role without source and target locales
  • Incorrect behaveior in the search result page for My Jobs, My Activities and others
  • Erratic behavior of job searches
  • Unable to index the term base
  • HTML within XML CDATA: Changing Convert HTML Entity For Export has no effect
  • XML parser ignores utf-8 file profile setting
  • Offline - Unextracted file leads to error when translators download files for offline work
  • IDML - tags between in IDML and Indd causes TM match lower
  • HTML failing to import into GlobalSight
  • IDML - Strip odd characters and meaningless character style tags for improved matches
  • XML Rule + Filter - Unable to import XML element with & entity
  • Terminology: some import options do not work as expected
  • Search Terms crash if you hit the Enter key
  • Tabstrip prevents export of an Excel doc
  • Wrapping issues caused by the 2003 filter when the target files are viewed in 2007 using the pptx add-on
  • Office 2007 filter crashes when saving a PPT file
  • Missing slides in PowerPoint 2007 after pptx file was handled by Office 2010 converter
  • Office 2010 Filter - Missing spaces in exported target file
  • IDML file not converting
  • System error when the file downloaded has a long path and the name includes a comma
  • Missing space after a TTX translation file is uploaded
  • TM3: Create duplicate TUs if export and import again in the same TM
  • TM3: Importing from TMX does not set TUV creation IDs properly
  • Unable to map files to file profile when uploading a job file when the file name contains a comma
  • Job Attributes - Error if job has more than 10 attributes
  • Performance issue when Task Completed
  • Failed to export pptx file handled by office 2007 converter
  • PO file filter is breaking strings into multiple segments
  • PO file filter with HTML secondary filter: Some HTML tags exposed as text
  • TuImpl.getPrefixTag causes lots of extra DB activity
  • Downloaded offline kits not working in Trados
  • Popup editor XSL Preview displaying non-ASCII characters as '?'
  • Offline - File does not get packaged for offline translation (collapsed folders, casing)
  • Run into CPU cycles (thread hang) when navigating in segment editor
  • Unable to download offline files for one file
  • File List report needs to include target locale on all rows
  • Sub segments can't get TM leverage or MT translation
  • Unable to download offline files for one file
  • Offline RTF - Single quotes in tags lead to upload errors
  • Missing source_content="repeated" and source_content="repetition" attributes for machine translated segment
  • Expect GS to stay at job/activity details page after download
  • Error in log when submitting the task containing sub-segment's change
  • GlobalSight added extra stuff in source element in WS XLZ/XLF file format
  • Export of one pptx file hangs converter, manual export crashes pptx
  • Failed to create job with the attached IDML file

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