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GlobalSight 8.7.3 is the new release of the GlobalSight TMS.

For instructions on upgrading to the new release, see Upgrading GlobalSight.

New Features

Microsoft Translator API change

Microsoft have announced a change in the way that the MT API’s are called in their MT service. This change needs to be done before April 2017. We have enabled both MT API’s for now.

The Client ID and Client Secret will work until April 2017. An Azure subscription key will need to be obtained to continue service after this date.

Note – Client secret and Client ID will be deprecated in a future release.

Example 8.7.3 MT screen.

Ms mt page.png

Overdue date to be set as 'time to accept' + 'time to complete'

For any particular activity, time allowed to accept the activity and the time allowed to compete the activity are settable. Once these timers expire, the activity is flagged as overdue. This enhancement closes a loophole whereby it was possible to extend the completion date by delaying acceptance of the activity.

Post Edit Distance report – all / latest option

For the Post Edit distance report, some users require all the segments and their history to be in the report. Others only want the latest. This enhancement allows users to select which option they require when generating the report. Note that the summary tab will generate results only from the latest segments, irrespective of which option is chosen.

Post edit distance report.png

Password complexity

When this security feature is enabled in the company page, this feature enforces complex password requirements. For the first turn on, simple passwords are still allowed for 3 logins, after which users will be denied access.

Disable upload of dll and exe file types

When this security feature is enabled on the company page, this feature will deny upload of any file type that is exe or dll.

Restart Globalsight from the GUI

The system administrator will now be able to restart Globalsight from the GUI.

Perplexity score MT segments

This feature is turned on via the company page. It also requires a remote service developed by Welocalize. Background: Sometimes Machine Translated segments are good quality, sometimes less so. This can vary from segment to segment, language by language. Now, by using a remote service developed by Welocalize, segments can be individually “scored” on perplexity using language models.

For flow of MT segments, GlobalSight carries out the following operations:

  • Receives file, parses to extract segments
  • Leverages against Translation Memory
  • Sends segments that fall below the MT threshold to the MT remote service.
  • Receives back MT’ed segments
  • Sends to perplexity service
  • Receives back perplexity score.
  • Shows results to vendor
  • Report on results in the Post Edit Distance report.

Any segments that have passed perplexity (low perplexity score) will now receive a leverage boost of 5% - so any segment that is 65% is a MT segment, perplexity passed, and any segment that is 60% is MT segment, perplexity failed. It will be up to the vendor to manage their review of 65% segments.

Base Text Escaping updates

Improve options in the "Base Text Escaping filter". The new options would give users the ability to choose whether or not escaping should be applied, based on where the content resides within the source structure.

The types of content this may be applied to are:

  • CDATA.
  • XML or HTML node/element.
  • Begin\end with defined pattern or characters (RegEx to be supported).
  • A XML attribute value.

The new options would be able to specify the character that denotes an escape. Known issue: Part of html node does not work for office file and CDATA content.

Import / export configurations

Further updates made to enable import/export GlobalSight configurations.

Enabled under permission: Data sources / Allow Configuration Export-Import

List of exportable / importable settings:

  • Locale pairs
  • Machine translation profiles
  • Filter configurations
  • Workflows

This list will be expanded in future versions of GlobalSight.

Deprecate old tuv matches

Some users require that TM 100% matches need review if they are over a certain age. This feature in the TM Profile page will enable a penalty on old MT matches if the metadata indicates that the TM match is over a set number of days older than the current date.

Depricate old match.png

Enhancement Requests - Full List

  • maintain knowledge of which are mt segments
  • Ability to Identify MT Matches in Reports
  • QA Report Update – Include Initial Leverage Match
  • Base Text Filter Permissions
  • Change to (or new) Download API to allow Combined Download
  • New GetFileProfilesForL10nProfile API call
  • Comprehensive Pending Job Information
  • New SmartBox UseCase
  • show in editor for MT
  • Add tm matches info in Segment Details window
  • Popup Editor to Support Viewing and Replace Picture File
  • GS should log the fact that it has skipped a segment where the segment length is > 1000 characters
  • make mt char limit configurable
  • Force MT
  • api create job file profile
  • Post Edit distance report
  • Activity Comment Attachment Upload Check
  • Populate MT matches option added to offline kit options
  • MT count in word counts
  • Remove workflow % complete column in job summary page
  • In Context Review tool now supports HTML files
  • HTML: need extract content attribute values in <meta>
  • Date of deployment of patch
  • JBoss/WildFly Upgrade
  • Add create job relevant apis to restful apis set
  • XLIFF alt-trans tag not populating job TM
  • Globalsight installer log
  • Dynamic Quality Framework fields (DQF)
  • Wild card search in TM search
  • PO files. Context and Translator notes info as reference
  • Plugin for Adobe Experience Manager 6.2
  • Addition of Secondary JSON filter to XML filter
  • QA Checker:differentiate source==target types
  • Microsoft Translator API change
  • Overdue date to be set as 'time to accept' + 'time to complete'
  • Post Edit Distance report – all / latest option
  • Password complexity
  • Disable upload of dll and exe file types
  • Restart Globalsight from the GUI
  • Perplexity score MT segments
  • Base Text Escaping updates
  • Import / export configurations
  • Deprecate old tuv matches