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You can make review changes offline by downloading the Translations Edit Report.

The Translation Edit Report is an excel file in which you can check review comments, make changes, and add your own comments for the reviewer.

Download the report, make the changes and then upload it again.

To make review changes offline:

  1. Download the Translations Edit Report
  2. Make the review changes
  3. Upload the Translations Edit Report
  4. Confirm that all comments have been checked

Downloading the Translations Edit Report

To download the Translations Edit Report:

For more details on the Translations Edit Report in general, see Translations Edit Report
  1. Open the job and click Work Offline

  2. Click Download Report and then Start Download to download the Translation Edit Report. Creating the report can take a few moments

  3. Save the file to your computer

Making the Review Changes

To make the review changes:

  1. Open the Translations Edit Report

  2. Check the review comments in the Latest Comments column (D) and add the new translations in the Modify the translation here (C) column. Other columns are locked to avoid confusion
  3. Add any questions or comments for the reviewer in the Translators Comments column (E)
  4. Select a status in the Comment Status column (G):
    • open
    • query
    • closed
    • rejected
  5. Save the Excel file

Uploading the Translations Edit Report

To upload the report:

  1. Click Work Offline
  2. Click Upload Report
  3. Click Choose File and select the Excel file from your computer

  4. Click Start Upload
  5. Click Done once the green Upload Successful message shows. Contact your Project Manager with any upload errors

  6. Make all of the changes online. Check one of your latest changes to make sure that they have been uploaded properly

Confirming that all comments have been checked

Before completing the task, check that all changes have been applied:

  1. Click the job in GlobalSight to open Pop-up Editor

  2. Check that all translations are present and correct

  3. Click Show Comments and then Close all Comments