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You can review online in GlobalSight using Pop-up Editor. You can check for comments from the translator and then add your own review comments using a priority and category.

To review a translation online:

For more details on Pop-up Editor in general, see Using Pop-up Editor.
  1. Click the file to review under Primary Target Files

    The file opens in the Pop-up Editor, showing the source and the corresponding translations. The editor may take a few moments to open larger files.

    You can view In-Context Exact (ICE) matches by clicking Preview for the file formats supported.
  2. Add review comments to a segment on the right by clicking it. The Create Segment Comment box pops up
  3. Select a Priority and Category and then add a Title and your Comment

  4. Click OK. Your comment shows under Comments in the editor.

  5. Continue adding comments to other segments. You can also click Close to return to My Activities
  6. Route the activity on to the next stage by clicking Select the next activity. For example:
    • Select Exit (Finish) to send the job forward to the Project Manager
    • Select Translation1_1001 (Back to Translation) to send it back to the translator for correction
  7. Click Task Completed