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This security alert addresses a GlobalSight 8.3 vulnerability to a worm that can affect the JBoss Application Server JMX console.

This vulnerability affects GlobalSight 8.3 packages downloaded prior to November 21, 2012 at 12:00 noon Eastern Standard Time.

This original GlobalSight 8.3 enables the JBoss JMX console, which has the vulnerability described here:

In versions of GlobalSight earlier than 8.3 the JMX console was not enabled, so they do not have this vulnerability.

Remediation steps:

  1. Perform the following test (you will run it again later to test that the vulnerability has been fixed):
  2. Disable the JMX console to eliminate the vulnerability:
    • In the folder <GlobalSight>\jboss\jboss_server\server\default\deploy\jmx-console.war\WEB-INF\classes\org\jboss\jmx, rename the adapter folder to adapter.DISABLED (or anything other than adapter).
    • Restart the GlobalSight service.
    • Invoke the JMX console again (or reload the page in the browser). If you get an error (such as HTTP Status 500 or 503), your GlobalSight server is no longer vulnerable. (If the JMX console displays, try reloading
  3. Worm detection and removal: See "Worm detection" and "Worm removal procedure" on
  4. Remember to watch for and apply GlobalSight updates as they become available. The GlobalSight is now available on and

Additional Information:

  1. The GlobalSight 8.3 package with the vulnerability was removed from and at noon Eastern Standard Time on November 21, 2012. A replacement GlobalSight 8.3 package without the vulnerability will be posted to those sites as soon as it is ready.
  2. To determine whether a GlobalSight 8.3 upgrade installer package has the vulnerability, check for the existence of the directory server\GlobalSight\jboss\jboss_server\server\default\deploy\jmx-console.war\WEB-INF\classes\org\jboss\jmx\adaptor. If this folder exists, the package has the vulnerability. After installing it, follow the remediation steps above.
  3. Another way to determine whether a GlobalSight installation has the vulnerability is to check for the existence of the folder <GlobalSight>\jboss\jboss_server\server\default\deploy\jmx-console.war\WEB-INF\classes\org\jboss\jmx\adapter. If this folder exists, the installation may have the vulnerability. To address it, follow the remediation steps above. Home Page Problems

There is an intermittent problem with the home page on The web team is looking into it. If you go to and get a blank page, please use the following URL to access the site (you should be able to navigate everywhere except possibly the home page):

If you have any questions regarding the security alert, please address them to me.

Steve Billings

Steve Billings
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