Translating with an RTF file

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To translate with an RTF file:

  1. Download the files
  2. Translate the files
  3. Upload the files

Downloading the Files

Download the files for translation by downloading the translation kit.

Set Annotations as the TM Options.

Translating the Files

To translate the file:

  1. Open the RTF file. Fuzzy matches show as annotations

  2. Translate the content. Do not edit anything in the blue box at the beginning of the file or any lines that start with the # character. The document does not upload otherwise
  3. Save the file
  4. Open the id_list.html file from the resources folder of the translation kit. The id_list.html lists the IDs of all of the segments
    Translating rtf3.jpg

  5. Select the segment ID that corresponds to the segment that you are translating
    Translating rtf4.jpg

    The source segment now corresponds to the segment id that you have selected.
    Translating rtf5.jpg

Uploading the Files

To upload the translation:

  1. Open GlobalSight and upload the files
  2. Open the file with the Inline Editor and verify that the translation has been uploaded

    You can see the uploaded translation.
    Error creating thumbnail: File missing

  3. Click Task Completed to finish the translation and send the job on to the reviewer