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System requirements

Installing GlobalSight
3rd party comps: Windows | Ubuntu
GlobalSight: Windows | Ubuntu
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Setting up GlobalSight
Running GlobalSight Behind an Apache Reverse Proxy

Developing GlobalSight
GlobalSight Architecture
Getting the Code
Building and Deploying GlobalSight
GlobalSight Developer’s Guide
Setting up the Development Environment
Debugging GlobalSight
Designing the GlobalSight Adapters
GlobalSight Web Services API
Using the GlobalSight Web Services API Test Tool
Using the GlobalSight CVS Connector
Connecting to a CVS with the GlobalSight Desktop Icon

Upgrading GlobalSight
Comparing GlobalSight with WorldServer

Getting the Code

The GlobalSight source code for official releases is available from SourceForge.

Downloading from SourceForge

Simply download the zip archive and extract the source code somewhere.

Working on a branch

The latest development work is always done on the master branch. Long-running feature branches are prefixed GBS-. Release branches are named hotfix-[version]. For example, the GlobalSight 8.2 release branch is named hotfix-8.2.

Once you've got the code

Move on to Building and Deploying GlobalSight.