Installing the GlobalSight Desktop Icon

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Setting up GlobalSight
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System Requirements


Download the Desktop Icon software as described in Installing GlobalSight. Then follow the instructions below for:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Ubuntu Desktop and CentOS


Remove any previous installations of Desktop Icon before beginning a new one.

To remove an old version in Windows:

  1. Select Programs->Uninstall a program in Control Panel
  2. Select the GlobalSight Desktop Icon
  3. Click Uninstall


Install Java SE version 1.6.0_07 or later. If you intend to run Java applications only, it is enough to install Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

To download Java and supporting information, go to

On the Mac, Java is installed by default. You can check it by entering “java –version” in the terminal.


Install Ruby version 1.8.2 or later.

To download Ruby and supporting information, go to

In Windows, Ruby is installed under “C:\ruby”, add the “C:\ruby\bin” into the “PATH” system environment variable.

On the Mac, Ruby is usually already installed.

SafariWatir (for Mac)

  1. Install the GlobalSight Desktop Icon
  2. Open the Terminal, for example /Applications/Utilities/, and enter the commands below to install the third party tools. Super user permission is needed
    cd /Applications/GlobalSight Desktop Party Software
    cd rubygems-update-0.9.2
    sudo ruby setup.rb
    cd ..
    sudo gem rb-appscript-0.3.0.gem
    sudo gem safariwatir-0.2.5.gem

Firefox and JSSH

To run Desktop Icon with Firefox, you need to install a Firefox extension called JSSH (JavaScript Shell Server). JSSH is a cross-platform Firefox plug-in that lets you script a browser over a network socket. In Desktop Icon, this is needed to be able to use the View function provided for Firefox.

To download JSSH and supporting information, go to

To install JSSH:

  1. Open Firefox
  2. Select File -> Open File from the menu bar.
  3. Find and open the appropriate jssh-***.xpi file
    • Windows: the file is named jssh-winnt.xpi and found in < GlobalSight Desktop Icon install directory>\Third Party Software , for example C:\Program Files\GlobalSight\GlobalSightDesktopIcon\Third Party Software
    • Mac: the file is named jssh-darwin.xpi and found in /Applications/GlobalSight Desktop Party Software
  4. Close Firefox
  5. Open the command prompt or the terminal and CD to the directory where Firefox has been installed
    • Windows: C:\program files\Mozilla Firefox\ for example
    • Mac: /Applications/
    • Enter “firefox.exe -jssh” / “./firefox-bin -jssh” to start Firefox with JSSH
  6. Run telnet localhost 9997 in the command prompt or terminal to verify. Check that it connects successfully

Installing the Desktop Icon

You can install Desktop Icon on Windows, Linux and Mac, or Ubuntu Desktop and CentOS: