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A project is a defined piece of translation work.

Creating a project includes defining key items such as the Project Manager, the termbase and so on.

To set up a project template:

  1. Click Projects in the guide

  2. Click New. The Create a New Project - Basic Information page opens

  3. Enter a Name
  4. Select the Project Manager
  5. Select a Termbase
  6. Enter a Description
  7. Select a person to send the Quote Email to
  8. Enter the PM Cost percentage
  9. Select whether a PO is Required
  10. Select whether to Auto-accept Review Task. Reviewers are not prompted to accept the review activity if this is selected:
    • Auto-send Reviewers Comments Report: The Reviewers Comments Report is automatically sent to the reviewer if this is selected
    • Include Compact Tags: Compact tags are included in the report if this is selected
  11. Select whether to Auto-accept PM Task. Project Managers are not prompted to accept the PM if this is selected
  12. Select whether to Check for not translated segments. The user is warned about non-translated segments when marking an activity complete if this is selected
  13. Select whether to Save Translations Edit Report to store the Translations Edit Report in a dedicated upload folder
  14. Select whether to Save Reviewers Comments Report to store the Reviewers Comments Report in a dedicated upload folder
  15. Select whether to Save Offline Files to store the files uploaded in their original formats in a dedicated upload folder
  16. Add and remove users by clicking the arrows
  17. Click Save