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You can create workflows that specify how an activity is carried out.

The example below describes a basic translation->review workflow.

You can define the actions that can be performed on the files using activity nodes.


Creating Workflows

To create a workflow:

  1. Click Workflows in the FileSystem Guide

  2. Click New. The Enter Basic Information for New Workflow page opens

  3. Enter a Name that provides information on the language pair and activity types. For example US English to German with T for translation and R for Review - en_US_de_DE_T
  4. Enter a Description
  5. Select the Project
  6. Select the Workflow Manager
  7. Select the Locale pair
  8. Select a Target Encoding
  9. Add one or more language locales to Leverage From
  10. Click Next. The Graphical Workflow opens

  11. Create the workflow needed by clicking the elements and then insert them by clicking the workspace
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  12. Add explanatory text for the arrows. For example “Send to translator” and “Accept”
    Creating workflows6.jpg

  13. Right-click each Activity Type and select Properties
    Creating workflows7.jpg

  14. Add the details needed for each activity:

    • For translation, select Translation1 as the Activity Type and either A selected user or All qualified users as the Participant(s)
    • For review, select review_linguistic1 as the Activity Type and either A selected user or All qualified users as the Participant(s)
  15. Click Save

The workflow is now configured. You can duplicate it across other languages as needed.

Duplicating Workflows

To duplicate a workflow:

  1. Select an existing workflow
    Creating workflows15.jpg

  2. Copy the first part of the name up until the source and target locale. In this example, D_Divisions_ACTIVE
  3. Click Duplicate. The Duplicate Workflow with Different Locale Pairs window opens

  4. Paste the workflow name into Name
  5. Select the Project, the Source Locale and Target Locale, and then click >>
  6. Click Save

Check every activity to make sure they have correct participants:

  1. Click the workflow to edit it
  2. Click Next
  3. Right-click every activity and select Properties:
    • One user only: Click Cancel to retain the All qualified users option
    • No users or anyone: No user is assigned to the activity

The correct workflow is added using the same naming rule.