Installing Desktop Icon on Windows

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Installing Desktop Icon on Windows

To install Desktop Icon on Windows:

  1. Open the folder into which you downloaded the file
  2. Double-click setup.exe. The Welcome to the GlobalSight Desktop Icon Setup Wizard opens
  3. Click Next

  4. Click Browse to select the folder in which to install Desktop Icon

  5. Click Disk Cost to check the disk space available and required on each of your drives. Click OK to return to the installation
  6. Select whether to install just for yourself or for anyone who uses the computer. The default is Just Me
  7. Click Next
  8. Click Next to confirm and start the installation

    You can follow the installation progress in Installing GlobalSight Desktop Icon.

  9. Click Close once the Desktop Icon is installed and the wizard shows Installation Complete

  10. Create a shortcut on your desktop by clicking Start->All Programs->GlobalSight Desktop Icon->Create shortcut Icon on Desktop

Windows 7 users

You may be prompted to create a new folder in your Users directory for in which to install.

This depends on your privileges on the system on which you are installing.

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