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GlobalSight release

GlobalSight 7.1.6 is a new release of the GlobalSight system. It contains the new features, enhancements to existing features and bug fixes listed below.

For instructions on upgrading to the new release, see Upgrading GlobalSight.

New features

  • Machine Translation Support for PROMT
  • Server Side CVS Support – Provides CVS integration directly through GlobalSight server (v7.1.5 provided integration through Desktop Icon)
  • Filter Configuration user interface – a user-friendly method for configuring filters for various file types
  • IP address management user interface - a user-friendly method for configuring access through webservices
  • Auto repair Placeholders to improve leverage from imported WorldServer TMs
  • Add Upload and Validation status during TM import
  • Custom DTD Support – Allows users to upload a DTD file along with XML source
  • New File List Report
  • Allow removal of a locale within a TM
  • Allow for the ability to set job priority during job creation via DesktopIcon
  • Upgrade Installer to upgrade GlobalSight from any prior release to latest release


  • Enhanced SID support for XML
  • Allow for files to be downloaded with a shorter path when exporting from GlobalSight
  • When downloading translation kits, include locale information in the path
  • Accept Selected Tasks and Download Selected Offline Files
  • Long job names in DI: no error message, but job not created
  • Fixed JavaScript localize function not being translatable
  • Desktop Icon: Job creation is slow when you attach a reference file
  • Fixed Edit Workflow to warn if you forget to save
  • Fixed "Word Count by %" rate type not displaying in rate list.
  • Fixed GlobalSight removing '\' characters from source strings resulting in untranslatable content after leveraging.
  • When working with Offline Translation with Machine Translated content: In the TMX file, Set creationid on <tu> to distinguish MT matches from TM matches
  • Fixed duplication of xml tags.
  • Extend Workflow Name to 50 characters
  • Uploading files: double clicking on the items in the right hand pane can't be tracked in left pane
  • Fixed Truncated file path in Edit Word Count page
  • Allow for changing of tag order in XLIFF files
  • Close Comment does not work in Popup Editor - Segment Editor
  • Fixed Cannot upload support files through GlobalSight
  • Terminology cannot be saved after trying to edit it.
  • Fixed GlobalSight - Switching focus in 'Source Language' when creating Locale Pairs

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the Error appearing when clicking 'Remove' to delete one workflow.
  • Fixed import issue for MS Office 2003 or 2007 Word/doc file
  • Fixed System error if the duplicated TM name exists in TM list.
  • Fixed Non-relevant terminology being shown in Popup Editor - Segment Editor
  • Fixed Exceptions occurring in popup editor when adding a new workflow in job.
  • Fixed % billing charges calculation on cost report

GlobalSight releases

8.7.3 | 8.6.7 | 8.6 | 8.5.6 | 8.5.1 | 8.5 | 8.3 patch | 8.3 | 8.2.2 | 8.2 | 8.1.1 | 8.1 | 8.0 | | | | | | | | 7.1