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GlobalSight 8.5.1 is a new release of the GlobalSight system.

For instructions on upgrading to the new release, see Upgrading GlobalSight.

New Features

  1. Report improvements
  2. Translation Status for Offline Upload
  3. Translated Text added to My Activities - In Progress
  4. "Are You Sure" check for untranslated segments
  5. Job creation status
  6. New TM Profile option to stop search after finding 100% match
  7. Standard Smartbox options
  8. Connector to IP Translator for Park

Report Improvements

Report UI Improvements

The Reports page has been improved:

  • You can now click Reports->Recent Reports to check for reports that may take a long time to run.

    The Recent Reports window pops up showing a list of the reports that are currently in progress.

    You can then download the report from the top window once it is generated.

  • You are warned if they try to run a report that is already generating
  • You are warned when running reports on a large number of jobs at once
  • You can cancel a report that is currently generating

This applies to the Activity Duration Report, Character Count Report, Comments Analysis Report, Detailed Word Counts By Job Report, Online Jobs Report, Reviewers Comments Report, Summary Report, and Translations Edit Report.

Comments Analysis Report Improvements

A number of improvements have been made to the Comments Analysis Report:

  1. You can now run the Comments Analysis Report for multiple jobs and combine them into one single file
  2. The report now loads a lot quicker than before
  3. You can now search the report by the date range entered

  4. The language is now appended to the report in the format CommentsAnalysisReport-(2632Test002_147461517)(52)-EN_FR.xlsx when the report is saved

Reports in xlsx Format

GlobalSight now generates all reports in xlsx format. You no longer need to rename files to use them.

Improved Offline Reports

Both the Translations Edit Report and Reviewers Comments Report have been simplified and tidied up.

Translations Edit Report

Column Old New
New Translations Edit Report
A Job ID Source Segment
B Segment ID Target Segment
C TargetPageID Modify the translation here
D Source Segment Reviewer's Comments
E Target Segment Translator's Comments
F SID Category failure
G Source segment with compact tags Comment status
H Target segment with compact tags TM Match
I Required translation Glossary source
J Comments Glossary target
K Required Comment Job ID
L Category failure Segment ID
M Comment status Page name
N TM Match SID
O Glossary source

Reviewer Comments Report

Column Old New
New Review Comments Report
A Job ID Source Segment
B Segment ID Target Segment
C Page name Translator's Comments
D Source Segment Reviewer's Comments (enter your comments here)
E Target Segment Category failure
F SID Comment status
G Source segment with compact tags TM Match (original first leverage)
H Target segment with compact tags Glossary source
I Comments (free hand your comments) Glossary target
J Category failure Job ID
K Required Comment Comment status
L TM Match (original first leverage) Page name
M Glossary source SID
N Glossary target

Translation Status for Offline Upload

Translators can now check the translation status when uploading the translations during offline work. A percentage shows for each file uploaded.

Results below 100% are highlighted in red.


You can check the Translated Text percentage, which updates every time the page is refreshed and files are uploaded.


Translated Text added to My Activities - In Progress

Translators can now check the Translated Text percentage in My Activities - In Progress, without needing to open the activity details.


"Are You Sure" Check for Untranslated Segments

A message now pops up when translators try to click Task Completed on a task that still contains untranslated segments.

Translators can then check the segments and either translate or approve the segments to remain un-translated.

  1. Click Task Completed. The warning pops up

  2. Open the file in the Inline Editor by right-clicking it under Primary Target Files and selecting Open in Inline Editor. The editor opens

  3. Filter by Not Translated to see the segments that have not yet been translated

  4. Select the files and click Approve. The percentage translated shows beside each file

  5. Close the editor
  6. Click Translated Text to confirm that the segments are 100% translated
  7. Click Task Completed again. The job completes without error

Job Creation Status

You are now shown the number and status of jobs that you are creating.


New TM Profile option to stop search after finding 100% match

You can now set the TM Profile to make sure that GlobalSight no longer searches any additional TMs once a 100% match is found.


Standard Smartbox Options

Standard configurations are now available for using Smartbox with GlobalSight.

Phase 1 has been implemented for case study 3.

Connector to IP Translator for Park

GlobalSight now works with IP Translator, the MT engine used by the Park account.

Enhancement Requests - Full List

  • are you sure question
  • pre post processor enhancements
  • Activity screen: ability to download all source files at once
  • Functionality - Ability to rename a Job at 'Ready' state
  • exception log entry needs further detail for debug
  • Allow to move internal text tags in the same segment.
  • Connector to IP Translator for Park
  • TM Profile option to tell GlobalSight to search no additional TMs once a 100% match is found.
  • Add "company_id" column in "tm_profile" and "target_page" tables
  • GlobalSight to generate reports in xlsx format
  • Add date range option to the Comments Analysis report
  • smartbox options
  • translations edit report enhancements
  • save all files uploaded to GlobalSight
  • Logging web services parameters in activity.log
  • Incorrect kit created for OmegaT offline option
  • A New web service API to return Job IDs information only for Jobs with Status Change
  • add language to saved reports
  • Move the Dispatch and Discard buttons further away from another
  • Proposed reports UI improvements
  • Visibility of how many jobs are importing in a server for certain users groups.
  • Add "Translated Text" to the My Activities - In progress
  • comments analysis report combined for multiple jobs
  • Turn off dynamic leveraging termbase when in online editor (inline editor/popup editor/segment editor).
  • Add index for "target_page_id" in "issue" table
  • Update Safaba-GlobalSight integration as safaba API for GlobalSight is changed
  • Code refactor for getting "SID", "ModifiedDate" etc for performance
  • Performance enhancement for Comments analysis report

Bug Fixes - Full List

  • unable to edit tm_profile
  • Allow bold or other formatting in target segments when not present in source
  • TM Export by date range not working
  • IDML: Hyperlink Text don't extracted by GS and disappear in target file
  • IDML Preview: opened idml files don't close automatically on CS5 converter machine.
  • File Upload Warning, possibly linked to 60% pause
  • Unable to export et_EE TM
  • Unable to download reviewer comment report
  • Office2010: docx header can not be exported
  • Unicode Escaped translation and extra slashes
  • Fail to clear errors in "job details >> source files >> view errors >> clear errors" operation.
  • performance problems due to CollationKey-based sorting
  • java.util.regex.Matcher.find() - is not thread safe
  • Exported workflows reporting state of EXPORTING in GlobalSight GUI and in database
  • Add index to TUV_ID column of XLIFF_ALT table
  • TM Profile: GlobalSight penalizes TMs that shouldn't be penalized
  • Add index to EXTERNAL_PAGE_ID column of SOURCE_PAGE table
  • Java deadlock detected
  • Fix "replace() loop" regular expression usage
  • Improve string handling in OfficeXmlTagHelper.mergeTags()
  • Don't constantly recompile regex patterns in InternalTextUtils
  • Concordance search - bad use of ArrayList.contains()
  • TM3: Lazily compute fingerprints
  • Restore missing table indexes removed during GBS-2384
  • FM: some strings are not extracted.
  • TM3: TuStorage instance should be reused
  • FileProfileImpl causing Hibernate performance issues
  • size of add files UI for buttons
  • performance: enter job slow - ArrayList.contains()
  • Reuse SAXReader object in TMX import validation
  • Remove unnecessary isUseActive() calls from TM3
  • AOL SID matches showing as 100% rather than ICE matches
  • TBX for offline kit is in ANSI format
  • pop editor shows 3 matches, database shows two matches
  • XML: Target xml files header information have been removed when translated from GS
  • CVS checkin not working in latest version
  • GS: Workflows missing from the Attach Workflow section of Localization Profile (either create or edit an existing one)