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GlobalSight 8.6.7 is a new release of the GlobalSight TMS.

For instructions on upgrading to the new release, see Upgrading GlobalSight.

New Features

In Context Review Tool for INDD/IDML and Office 2010

A new context menu Open In Context Review is added when right click on the file in job or activity details page.

  • In the in context review, we can translate or add a comment by right clicking on a segment.
  • When select segment in the segment list, corresponding segment is selected in another side of pdf.

In the installation UI, added a new adapter In Context Review Tool.

  • Only if it's selected, Open In Context Review can be found.
  • If it's selected, during creating idml or indd jobs, pdf will be created for Source and Target files to in context review.
  • In Context Review Tool uses INDD 6 converter.

Support InDesign CC for In Context Review

A new Context Review Tool that uses InDesign CC converter.
In the installation UI, a new illustrator adapter Adobe (CS6) Adapter Conversion Directory' was added.

Stash (Bitbucket) connector

Configure Git connector and create jobs with files from remote Git repository is introduced in GlobalSight since internal 8.6.1 version.

Blaise Connector

A new connector named Blaise Connector can be found under the menu Data Sources. It is permission controlled.
We can create/connect the connector, and create GlobalSight job to Translate.

If exported from GlobalSight Job, the translation will be uploaded to Blaise server. If GlobalSight job is completed, the translation will be uploaded and submitted in Blaise server.

Support Dynamic Contents in Eloqua

Dynamic Contents in Eloqua are now supported.

Support Xliff 2.0 Specification

Offline download translation kit now supports Xliff 2.0 format. All download options working on Xliff 1.2 are also effective in Xliff 2.0 bilingual files. Elements (including structure elements and inline elements) and their attributes in Xliff 2.0 standard differ from those in Xliff 1.2 standard. The elements and attributes validation is based on Okapi Xliff 2 Toolkit (

Support xliff 2.0 as a source format

GlobalSight now supports the translation for xliff 2.0 bilingual files. To create jobs with xliff 2.0 files, make sure to create an xliff 2.0 file profile first.

Key Features:

  • All Xliff 2.0 core elements (structure & inline elements) are supported.
  • Translation Candidate module is supported. The match items will show as xliff alternative transla-tions for reference.
  • Other optional modules defined in Xliff 2.0 Specs will be preserved when exporting xliff 2.0 files, but no functionality is supported.
  • Attributes of inline elements like canCopy, canDelete, canReorder, and canOverlap etc. are not supported. Inline elements will be handled as GlobalSight mandatory tags, and they follow GlobalSight rules.

Add Google MT connector to Dispatcher Middleware

Google MT Engine has been integrated into the new Dispatcher Middleware bundle. Translate text online or translate xliff 1.2 documents with Google MT is now available.

Upgrade JBoss and JDK version

JBoss is upgraded to EAP 6.4.0 GA version with GS 8.6.3 installation package.

This release requires upgrading Oracle JDK version to 1.8.0 update 45. And system variables JAVA_HOME and PATH should also be updated.

The detailed upgrade procedures are addressed in GlobalSight_Upgrade_Installer.pdf, which is bundled in GlobalSight Installer package.

Remove JMS usage in job export

JMS is removed from job export process. Threads control to job export has been added as with create job and offline upload.

Thread number limitation can be configured in the file, which can be found under the "<GlobalSight Home>\jboss\server\standalone\deployments\globalsight.ear\lib\classes\properties" location. The default number is 10 if it's not configured. Superadmin user can watch the waiting and Exporting requests from Setup -> System Activities -> Job Exporting Status.

Timed/Automatic Completion of Workflow Activities

Auto Complete Activity is added on Activity Type detail page. It is unchecked by default. If checked and activity has been accepted, it will be completed automatically after the configured time. After Job Creation: Activity complete time is calculated from job is created. After Job Dispatch: Activity complete time is calculated from job is dispatched. After Activity Start: Activity complete time is calculated from activity is accepted.

Note: Auto Complete Activity doesn't check for not translated segment now.

Recreate ready jobs

Added a new button Re-Create under the Ready jobs list page. It is controlled by permission My Jobs -> Jobs (View) -> Re-Create.

Added re-try MT option

Users can resend segments to MT engine by two means:

  • The translate link on Segment Editor window for individual segments
  • Re-try MT option on Update Leverage window for all un-translated segments.

These two options will be available when workflows in jobs have a MT profile attached.

Known issues/limitations:

  1. Show in Editor option in MT profile configuration page is deprecated, and will be removed in later build.
  2. The translation returned from MT engine on Segment Editor doesn't contain tags.
  3. No clues for MT failure on user interface.

Allow mixed encodings files for same workflow

A new target encoding option, Same as Source, is available for workflow template. Set target en-coding to Same as Source allows mixed encoding files sharing one workflow in a single localization profile/job. Modify existing workflow template’s target encoding to Same as Source, it takes effect on existing jobs too.

Export TM with single source target TUV's

Export the TM in a single tuv - tuv mapping. Multiple target TUV's to source TUV should be split out to be multiple TU's with single source TUV to single target TUV mapping.

New Secondary Post Filter to Plain Text Filter

Element post-filter (support html post filter) is added in Plain Text Filter.

Add Multi-select to My Jobs - Job ID filter

Multi-select for My Jobs - JobID filter is added. If select ">" or "<", the jobID can only be pure number; If select "=", the jobID filter can be "1,2,3" or "3-5,7-10" or mixed "1,2,3,7-10".

This is only implemented for My Jobs - JobID filter, is not implemented for My Activities- JobID filter.

Ability to Batch Download QA Reports

Users with My Jobs permissions now may batch download QA Checks reports via Download QA Re-ports button. This button is available on My Jobs -In Progress page, My Jobs - Exported page, and Job details > Workflows page. To show this button, make sure that:

  1. The company has enabled QA Checks feature;
  2. The project has enabled Allow Manual Running of QA Checks feature.

Note: 2 is required to show Download QA Reports button on Job details > Workflow page, but not required to other two pages.

Users can select multiple jobs/workflows to generate new QA Checks reports for in progress work-flows. For completed workflows, the latest existing QA Checks reports will be included in download package.

A new web service API generateQAChecksReports() is added to get batch QA Checks reports for specified job ids and/or workflow ids.

Compact tags included in RCR reports downloaded from within a task

When selecting the Review Comments Report or the Review Comments Report (Simplified), a checkbox "Include Compact Tags" will be shown, users can check it to include compact tags in re-ports.

New Translation Verification Report

The new Translation Verification Report is available for translation and editable review activity. Us-ers can generate and download the report from Work Offline > Download Report pane and/or from Reports screen, depending on permissions and user roles.

Target segment changes after initial translation will be highlighted in yellow. Users can modify the translation and make their comments as what they do with Translation Edit Report.

Special characters (emojis)

For txt and xml format, emoji unicodes will be displayed as tags.

New webservice log

Webservice.log was added now, it is in Server\GlobalSight\Logs\webservice.log, when there are operations in APIs, logs will be producted in webservice.log.

Enhancement Requests - Full List

  • Ability to have mixed encodings using the same workflow
  • Support Xliff 2.0 Specification
  • Add Google MT connector to Dispatcher Middleware
  • Export TM with single source target tuv's
  • New webservice log
  • Stash connector
  • Translation Edit Report Attached to email notification
  • Change of default value on 'Set MT Creation ID...' offline kit option checkbox
  • Addition of Secondary Post Filter to Plain Text Filter
  • Make operations.log downloadable via the GUI
  • smart box: add robustness for web connectivity
  • Search TM options
  • Timed/Automatic Completion of Workflow Activities
  • Recreate Ready jobs
  • In Context Review Tool for INDD/IDML and Office 2010
  • Add Multi-select to My Jobs - Job ID filter
  • Support Dynamic Contents in Eloqua
  • Optimize codes for script on import
  • AuthorIT object ID as SID
  • Custom Flat Text File Filter with Multiline and SID options
  • Ability to Batch Download QA Reports
  • Workflow Notifications & Listener URL
  • Support InDesign CC for In Context Review
  • Upgrade JBoss and JDK version
  • Remove JMS usage in job export
  • Change to make "createJobOnInitial(..)" API to support both "Vector" and "String" parameters
  • Record job name at TUV level in Translation Memory
  • RCR reports downloaded from within a task, now include compact tags
  • Implementation of Reviewer Changes
  • Add last usage date to TM
  • New Translation Verification Report
  • TM Search: Allow searching only String ID
  • Display Percentage Complete before Dispatch
  • Make modifyUser() less restricted
  • Support Special characters (emojis)
  • Webservice to Allow Editing Some of the Job Detail Information
  • Reviewer Comments Enhancement Request
  • Add job ID option to activity report
  • TER: add job ID field in downloading report UI
  • Add export by project option to TM Export API
  • Support xliff 2.0 as a source format
  • Process Job Import and Export Request Queues Based on Job Priority First
  • Allow export of Ready jobs
  • Add SID Field to Add/Edit Comment Dialog
  • TM search pop up
  • Blaise Connector
  • API to delete TU's and TUV's
  • Create job API to return error if file profile id is not active
  • Add "signed-off" as a target string status that will allow a translated string to be over-written by complete English string
  • Move webservice logs from activity.log to webservices.log
  • API create job bad input
  • Àdded re-try MT option
  • Allow to remove multiple locale pairs in one action
  • Allow to select multiple files in one action for "Create Job without Java"
  • Add "Include Compact Tags" for character count report
  • Extra span tags added for BIDI html file
  • Cross leverage nb_NO and no_NO on a workflow
  • Demoted option improvement
  • Updated Java links
  • Updated text in Import Data GUI