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GlobalSight 8.6 is a new release of the GlobalSight system.

For instructions on upgrading to the new release, see Upgrading GlobalSight.

New Features

Ability to split offline kits per word count

Now users can split large files per word count when they download offline translation kit.

UI changes: Option Consolidate Output File is renamed to Consolidate/Split Type, with three choices: Consolidate All Files, File by File, Split File per Word Count.

  • Consolidate All Files: works the same as Consolidate Output File checked in former GS build;
  • File by File: works the same as Consolidate Output File unchecked in former GS build;
  • Split File per Word Count: works by allowing the translator to split the Source Word Count Total into a set of smaller word count files (minimum 1,000 words, default 2,000 words).


  • Preserve Source Folders Structure will not work if Consolidate All Files option is selected.
  • Files whose Source Word Count Total is less than the specified word count won't be split.
  • Word count in split files may be an approximate number to keep full segments intact when splitting.

GlobalSight Connector for MindTouch

New connector added to GlobalSight to allow export/import on MindTouch content for translation.

Connector is permission based and must be enabled in Permissions->Data Sources->MindTouch Connector.

Export TMs with single source / target TUVs

Switch TM exports to single source target per TUV. Most offline tools will only deal with single source target TUV. GlobalSight previously exported multiple match TUVs per TU.

Ability to Search TMs by Date

Search TMs by Date and with search in source, the correct results will be displayed.

Note: Before using target search, the TM must have the target re-indexed, Translation Memory->Select Checkbox->Reindex->Index Target.

New API to allow full text TM searches

New API call added to support full text search in a TM.

Customized QA Report

A new Post-Review QA Report has been added.

It is controlled by the permission: Reports -> Allow user to run reports from the UI -> Post-Review QA Report. By default, the Post-Review permission setting is unchecked for all Permission Groups. Post-Review QA Report is added in My Activity->Work Offline->Download Report/upload report, and Reports page.

New configurations are added to Company configuration page (superadmin level) to allow for control over the Quality Assessment and Suitability for Market values in the Post Review QA Report. Users can change the state in Post-Review QA Report.

The report can be run if user has permission. The column Original Target Segment are the Initial (or previous) translations that was reviewed, the column Update Target Segment are the latest translations, Update Target Segment cannot be edited when the task type is review only, if the task is the other type, the column can be edited. All the other columns cannot be edited.

Strings in XLIFF marked translated in CAT tools reflected in GlobalSight

During offline upload of XLIFF translation kit, when "source=target", only if target state is "translated", target will be uploaded and TUV status will be changed to "approved", if target status is any other value, then target will be ignored during uploading.

And the Save Approved Segments to TM Only option is turned on by default in TM Profile.

Comprehensive Admin and user logging

Logging added to GlobalSight to capture:

  • Addition
  • Modification
  • Deletion
  • User (that carried out the above)

of the following list of Globalsight components:

  • Workflows
  • TMs
  • TM profiles
  • Projects
  • Localization Profiles
  • File Profiles
  • Filter Configuration
  • Segmentation rules
  • Users

Log is in Format of:

<date-time stamp> <user> <action> <Globalsight component: “name”>

Ability to Tag Machine Translated Content

Users can now define MT identifiers in MT profile and apply them to MT'ed segments. The MT identifiers will append to target segments, appearing as internal tags.

MT identifiers are mandatory tags and cannot be removed via online or offline editing, and they will be preserved in exported files.

MT identifiers also appears in TM entries in translation kit but they won’t be saved to the GlobalSight TM when jobs are complete and exported.

To enable MT identifier in MT profile:

  • Create or edit a Machine Translation profile, and check Include MT Identifiers
  • Set proper Leading and/or Trailing identifier

Since MT identifiers are mandatory tags, it is suggested to check Populate 100% Target Segments when downloading offline translation kit.

Known limitation:

  • MT identifiers cannot contain less than(<), greater than(>), apostrophe(‘), double quotes(“), and ampersand(&) .
  • MT confidence score must be 100%.
  • * To preserve and display MT identifiers properly in OmegaT, MTed segments will generated in bilingual xlf files.

* This happens when 1) leading or trailing identifier is specified and 2) MT confidence score is 100%.

Adjust queue to manage imports

The previous JMS queue has been turned off for job creation to manage importing queue. The default file number is limited to 10 for each file type.

Superadmin users can watch the waiting and importing requests from Setup->System Activities, and can cancel waiting requests if needed.

This function is configurable via Set useJms = true to turn JMS on; when JMS is turned on, file limit won’t take effect, and jobs won’t appear in System Activities page. Set <file extension> = <number> to increase/decrease the limit of file number for specific file type. is located in <GlobalSight Home>\jboss\server\standalone\deployments\globalsight.ear\lib\classes\properties.


  • Create a connector: Type the Name, URL, Username and Password, then save.
  • Connect: Check connector and click on connect button, all pages show as a tree, eg. English - Collaborate.
  • Create job: Check one or more pages and click Go to Create Job button, open create job page and choose target locale to create job.
  • Translate: Click activities and accept and translate, then export, the translated content will be exported back to MindTouch directly.

Enhancement Requests - Full List

  • export TM with single source target TUVs
  • New API to allow full text TM searches
  • Add total segment and TM match to char count report
  • Customized QA Report (similar to Translation Edits Report)
  • Strings in XLIFF marked translated in CAT tools reflected in GlobalSight
  • Ability to Search TMs by Date
  • Comprehensive Admin and user logging
  • Ability to Tag Machine Translated Content
  • Adjust queue to manage imports
  • Ability to split offline kits per wordcount
  • GlobalSight Connector for MindTouch
  • Enhance GS JSON Webservices to support superuser
  • Enhance permission check for dispatchWorkflow API etc.
  • Allow more than 1 workflow to be removed in one go.
  • Enhance getWorkOfflineFiles() to allow RCR (Simplified) download
  • mark offline files that do not have 100% populated

Bug Fixes - Full List

  • XLIFF: translations in <g> tag can't be uploaded successfully
  • XLIFF: unable to create job with some special xlf file
  • Java Properties - Literal non-breaking space converted to &nbsp; on export
  • vendor cant upload (queue issue)
  • Export/leverage broken on TM
  • HTML Entity (decimal) are exporting as chars
  • Performance issue: DEADLOCK
  • vendor added nbsp, breaks xml output
  • Queue memory
  • "getJobAttribute" throws unnecessary error
  • "exportTM" API returns pure text when export format is "TMX1.4b".
  • large file set doesn't get Translated Text
  • PO: exposing msgctxt caused job failed
  • Trados elements are importing to GS and no error is thrown - RTF (List view) kit upload
  • workflow corruption on dispatch
  • Error segment link on TM import gives dead link to local machine
  • If task is not accepted, "Close all comments" should not be allowed.
  • Translation Memory Search: unable to edit entry
  • Offline TTX: offline upload wrong locked segment will change to empty target
  • Overlapped Status and Message