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GlobalSight release

GlobalSight 7.1.7 is a new release of the GlobalSight system. It contains the new features, enhancements to existing features and bug fixes listed below.

For instructions on upgrading to the new release, see Upgrading GlobalSight.

New features in this release

  • XSL transformation preview online
  • Firefox browser support
  • Support for GlobalSight Internationalization (I18N)
  • Ability to chain filters
  • Added XML Filters
  • Support Namespace in XML Rules
  • XLF/XLIFF support


  • MS Office Doc filter non extractable styles
  • Added an additional header to JSP added
  • Unicode escaping of JS files
  • Importing of utf-16 encoded XML files
  • Added an entity option to the XML filter
  • CVS modules no longer displayed/accessible for standard Data Sources/Import screen
  • MS Word 2007 header info always exposed
  • Export TM as utf-16
  • Binding of a default file profile to a CVS mapping configuration
  • CVS Update through file chooser
  • Ability to penalize Machine Translation matches
  • Ability to set priority on language
  • Added TM Profile and Termbase information in <note> section as part of XLIFF file
  • Added the 'Translation edit report' as a translator download option
  • Download of Terminology for offline work
  • Case sensitivity in file_storage_dir no longer causes FileNotFoundException
  • HTML filter substituting tags
  • TM hierarchy, multiple matching after importing multiple times
  • Added PO/Quote Approval and workflow dispatch
  • Ability to attach a very large file to a job via Desktop Icon
  • Change the creationid of an exported TUVs to "MT!" so that translators have the benefit of Trados' built-in MT capability
  • Added a comment column to the "TranslationsEdit.xls" report
  • Added an Excel filter configuration for the purposes of adding secondary filters
  • Web services API can access Machine Translation
  • Create a TermBase based on locale
  • Term import of CSV so that GlobalSight no longer interprets commas within quoted strings as column separators
  • Support for internal text for HTML and Java Properties files
  • Underscore is now TMX compliant in XLIFF
  • Added hours and minutes to the overdue user / pm

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the download failure when GlobalSight is behind a reverse proxy
  • Fixed the errors when saving or validating a new term entry through the term browser
  • Fixed the Right-Left language display problem in the MT Match result of segment editor
  • GlobalSight sessions now survive a server restart
  • Shorter paths now working when downloading all languages at once
  • Fixed the error when choosing other tags in "Html Filter"
  • IE8 no longer sends HTTP headers that are too long for Tomcat
  • Tags now save correctly to the TM on export
  • Fixed various CVS connector issues
  • XML SID now works
  • Secondary target files now work for Office 2007 formats
  • Upload of XLIFF files if set to placeholder verbose
  • Fixed the "Reviewers Comments Report" upload failing for the reviewer
  • Corrected the wrong target locale label in My Activities
  • Changed "Reference file" to "Attached file" in the Desktop Icon
  • TM maintenance search can now find upper-case terms
  • Aligner package can now be created for MS Office file formats
  • Bold and Italics no longer split segments in MS Word 2007
  • Import of Utf-8 TMX files into Trados
  • Meta tags no longer exposed as non translatable
  • Fixed the error when exporting an "Un-extracted" file
  • Removed an extra backslash from the exported file
  • Easy to save the MT translation when "Auto Commit to TM" is not checked
  • Hierarchical TMs are now hierarchical
  • Corrected JSP encoding
  • Fixed the offline work issue in RTF Paragraph view and RTF List view
  • Prevented a trailing white space in the source showing as a fuzzy match

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