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GlobalSight 8.5.6 is a new release of the GlobalSight system.

For instructions on upgrading to the new release, see Upgrading GlobalSight.


New Features

Reviewer Scorecard

Reviewers can now rate the work of the translator using the Scorecard. The ratings can then be summarized in the Scorecard Report.

Rating is available in four different categories:

  • Terminology
  • Spelling and Grammar
  • style
  • Consistency

A new Scorecard tab shows on the Activity Details page.


Text Search Added to Activity Details

Users can now find and edit specific strings in ongoing translation or review activities by opening My Activities->In Progress->Target Files.

Select whether to search by Source locale or Target locale and click Search.



Implemented Comments Check Report Improvements

You can now set the date range, job IDs and languages when running the Implemented Comments Check Report.



Configurable Segment Order for MS Excel 2010

You can now select whether to extract cell contents by row or by column when using the MS Office 2010 filter.

Segments are extracted in the same order as the text if no order is specified, or set to Do not order.

Contact your engineering support to implement if this is required for your account.



Shorter File Name for the Translation Kit

The length of the file name for single jobs has been shortened by removing the target languages.

The shorter naming is now the default, but you can toggle it on and off by clicking Include language information in downloaded zip file name on the Select Files to Download page.

The shorter naming does not apply when downloading target files for multiple jobs.



Editable Filter Names

Users with the necessary permissions can now edit the names of filters that have already been created.

Contact your engineering support to implement if this is required for your account.



UI Improvements: My Activities and My Jobs

The layout and usability has been enhanced in:

  1. My Activities
  2. My Jobs

ICE and 100% Matches Distinguished in Offline Reports

ICE and 100% matches are now separated from each other in the TM match column in both the Reviewer Comment Report and Translations Edit Report:

OmegaT: Color Coding for ICE and 100% Matches

ICE and 100% matches are now color coded when translating offline with OmegaT. Both now appear in orange.

Color coding is retained throughout the life-cycle of the activity. The color coding no longer applies when you change the match.



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OmegaT: Downloading Combined Kits

Users downloading in OmegaT format to work offline can now do a combined download of translation kits for several jobs as one translation kit.



Leaving Fully-leveraged Files out of the Translation Kit

You can now choose not to include fully-leveraged files in the translation kit when setting your Download Options to work offline.

A fully-leveraged file is one in which all segments are 100% exact or ICE matches during job creation.



Basing DTP Rates on File Pages and LSO on Wordcount

DTP rates are now based on the number of pages in the file. LSO rates are now based the wordcount.

You can find the number of pages and the wordcount on the Job Details page.



Hierarchical TMs: Stop Searching after Finding 100% Matches

You can now configure TMs to stop searching once a 100% match is found by editing the Dynamic Leverage Options.



Shortened File Names for Offline Reports

The number of characters in the file names of the Translation Edit Report and the Reviewers Comment Report has been reduced for more convenient use.

The file names have been abbreviated to the following:

  • TER-<job name>-date.xlsx
  • RCR-<job name>-date.xlsx

No additional configuration is needed.

PDF Color Preview for INDD and IDML Files

You can now view both INDD and IDML files when using the View PDF and Create PDF previews in Pop-up Editor.

You can set the three different colors that are displayed for 100%, ICE and non-100%/ICE matches. Click Options in Pop-up Editor or Account Options in My Account.

New versions of INDD converters are available:

  • Adobe CS4 Converter - Version 8.5.3
  • Adobe CS5 Converter - Version 8.5.3
  • Adobe CS5.5 Converter - Version 8.5.3


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Returning from Downloads to My Jobs

You can now click Return to close the download window and navigate back to My Jobs after downloading the files.



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Automatic Download/Upload of the Reviewers Comments Report and the Translation Edit Report

The Reviewers Comments Report and the Translations Edit Report can now be downloaded by another system, before being uploaded and imported back into GlobalSight.

The Reviewers Comments Report is called for review only tasks and the Translations Edit Report for all other tasks.

Re-submitting Job Creation Failures

You can now click Re-create in My Jobs - Pending to re-try jobs that have not been created properly. Contact your admin for the permission needed.

GlobalSight backs up the source files, cancels the failed job, and then creates the job again using the same job ID, job name and file paths.

You cannot re-create jobs for which the source file request number is less than the source file number. A warning message pops up.



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Improved Downloads Page

The functionality and usability of the Select Files to Download page that opens when downloading files have been improved:

  • You can now download the files for one, several or even all languages
  • You can expand and collapse the view of the files
  • You can download the file selected as a zip or click Return to go back to the previous page


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PDF Creation from Job Details

Users can now create PDFs for IDML files directly from the job details page, rather than from inside the online editors.

PDF creation is now more user friendly and quicker, since users no longer need to launch the editors.

Job details

Downloading Multiple Target Files

  1. Project Managers can now batch download the target files for multiple jobs at once from My Jobs. Any locales that are not yet fully translated are downloaded in the source language
    My Jobs

  2. Project Managers can now also batch download the files from multiple locales from the job details page
    Job details

Right-click Shortcut from My Activities and My Jobs

Users can now jump straight to the details for a certain activity by right-clicking it in My Activities and My Jobs.


Number of Workflows Exporting

Project Managers and company admin users can now check the number of workflows that are currently exporting on their home page.


Office 2010 Extractor and Filter Improvements

GlobalSight is continuously improving the way that Office 2010 documents (DOCX, XSLX, and PPTX) are extracted and filtered. The aim is to improve overall extraction performance and help to distinguish between formatting and styling tags. This reduces confusion in how the tags are managed without corrupting final files.

This first phase is the Beta Office 2010 Filter, for DOCX only. The new filter can filter and extract style tags to allow more flexibility on editing. The new filter is being pushed out slowly to avoid creating more tags.

The text order in PPTX files is now correct. All of the main text is now downloaded into one single file instead of several. The next file then contains the headers, footers and so on.

Known limitation:

You may find that the total number of pages of some Word documents differs from the actual number of pages shown in Word 2010. The reason for this is that Word stores the wrong page counts in app.xml.

To identify the pages stored in app.xml:

  1. Right-click the Word document and select Properties
  2. Open the Details tab
  3. Check the value next to Pages in the Content section

To identify the real pages:

  1. Open the document with MS Word 2010
  2. Click Home->Info
  3. Check the value next to Pages in the Properties section

To correct the total pages:

  1. Open the document with MS Word 2010
  2. Open the Review tab
  3. Click Word Count in the ribbon
  4. Close Word Count
  5. Save the document - without editing

Non-Java File Uploading

  1. Users can now create jobs with or without the usual Java applet. The Java applet is convenient, but some users face various Java security issues when using this method
    • Users that have Java issues can now select the non-applet version by clicking Data Sources->Create Job without Java

    • Upload the files one at a time or zip them

  2. Users can now download jobs without using the applet. Files are zipped for download



New DoMT Connector

GlobalSight can now connect with the new Do Machine Translation (DoMT) MT Engine from Precision Translation Tools.

Improved Notifications

  • Job comments are now included in the notification emails that are sent for a project
  • The word count is included in the notification email sent to reviewers
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Job details

Language code in the Reviewers Comments Report File Name

The language code is now appended to the name of the Reviewers Comments Report file.

As a review coordinator, you no longer need to open the report to check the correct person to send the report to.


Tabbed Browsing

Users can now safely open GlobalSight in additional browser tabs to perform multiples actions at the same time. For example, Project Managers can now keep working while waiting for files to upload in one tab.

Using tabs no longer risks unwanted actions to be performed accidentally.

Job details

Compact Tags Setting at the Project Level in the Reviewers Comments Report

Users can now select whether to include compact tags in the Reviewers Comments Report at the project level, for cases in which the report is sent automatically when the activity is accepted.

Tagging is hidden by default and was previously added when users generated the report.


Correct Text Order in InDesign Files

The text order of reports in InDesign files (IDML) now matches that in the PDF.

Enhancement Requests - Full List

  • GlobalSight IDML filter updates required.
  • reviewer scorecard
  • COTI connector (standardized API for German CMS companies)
  • big data operations
  • Code clean:: xml filter does not use secondary filter any more
  • Add process of signing applet jars in upgrade installer and GlobalSight installer
  • add date range, job id's, all lang to implemented comments report
  • Text Search Feature in Activity Detail -> Target Files
  • Export/Import MT profiles from server to server
  • Excel: disordered sheets
  • Import and export setup data
  • segment order for excel 2010 configurable
  • Include OmegaT doc with links to info in GS kit Help folder
  • Downloaded .zip filename too long
  • Refactor "loadReportData(..)" method in "".
  • Design/Implementation enhancement: Change the TM import/export path to file storage from doc path.
  • Export/Import locale pairs from server to server.
  • Change to make filters name editable
  • Requirement for "Source File Format" change for office 2010 document
  • Add "creator" info in returning of "fetchJobsPerCompany" relevant APIs.
  • create new webservice API : fetchJobsByCreator(..)
  • Add "outgoing arrows" info in "getTasksInJobs()" and "getTasksInJob()" API.
  • include job id in ttx files
  • Refactor Office 2010 Extractor and Filter
  • hierarchical TMs stop search after hitting 100% match
  • Create default permission setting per user group
  • Reviews Comment & Translation Edit Report not distinguishing between ICE and 100% matches
  • UI enhancement for "My Activities" list UI.
  • Set rates for DTP based on real file pages and LSO based on wordcount
  • omegaT - function to colour code ICE and 100% matches
  • re-import option choose latest match checked as default
  • UI enhancement for "My Jobs" list UI.
  • GS-DOMT connector to support tags (inline elements)
  • new API for GS-IP Translator connector
  • GS-Safaba connector to support tags (inline elements)
  • Export/Import filter configurations from server to server.
  • Standalone program to enact auto archiving
  • "Download Combined" does not work for OmegaT format.
  • A new option to NOT including fully leveraged file(s) in offline tkit
  • UX enhancement >> Currency UI & Terminology UI
  • enable tabbed browsing
  • Provide access via web services API to analysis data that includes MT'd words (for Falcon Connector)
  • Web Services - Way to identify skipped tasks
  • review reporting algorithms
  • Web services to allow to reassign activities
  • Incorrect kit created for OmegaT offline option
  • GlobalSight Improvement Idea 12: Upgrade Apache Lucene
  • update Lucene
  • Support IE 10 and above
  • Proposed reports UI improvements
  • Move the PDF function out of the Popup/Inline Editors
  • Include Job Comments in email Notification
  • Add date range to Comments Analysis Report
  • right click direct access from activity page
  • Text Order of In Design files in Reports
  • Minor performance enhancement for a loop search in method "getTaskHistoryByWorkflowId(long id)".
  • omegaT 100% round trip not working
  • Refactor Office 2010 Extractor and Filter
  • Ability to download target files for multiple jobs in one operation
  • Code refactor for segment editor and popup editor.
  • Word Counts in the Auto Accept Email
  • XML Filter Performance Improvement
  • Ability to download target files for multiple locales in one operation
  • Minor performance enhancement: add/delete index on "job" table.
  • TM Profile option to save target=source segments to storage TM without saving exact matched segments to storage TM
  • webservice to adjust workflow template assignees
  • Make "Target" Reverse Indexing Optional During TM Import and Job/Workflow Export
  • Utility method in hibernate getter result in extra hibernate sql that are unexpected.
  • Get rid of applet use in download job function
  • Adding new Workflows to a Job lists all workflows rather than just the ones in the localization profile for that job
  • A Webservices API to Archive Jobs
  • DoMT/Moses connector in GS
  • Display Number of Workflow Exporting
  • For Office 2010 Documents, GS needs to ensure all tags are in correct orders during offline upload.
  • New CreateJob feature that does not use Java applet
  • Remove the "Pages" count information from Job Details Summary
  • Add "Include compact tags" option in Project page
  • Office 2010: Excel: URLs not exposed for translation.
  • Add language code to client review report

Bug Fixes - Full List

  • Same workflow names were allowed
  • Remove design_pro.jar from GS
  • Language Configuration -> Download Resource no longer works
  • Office 2010 docx: Words under the tracking changes are extracted in office 2010
  • Subflows do not appear in Translation Edit Report
  • Add Files button in Ready job allows you to choose any file profile (for filetype in question).
  • Entity gets lost when export
  • Internal text tag is not allowed to added back by TranslationEditorReport.
  • Cannot use email addresses with apostrophes.
  • [Forgot password mail does not contain password
  • Webservice APIs for Falcon
  • 100% Translated/Approval Feature has loophole with combined job upload.
  • Segment cannot be edited offline or online, error on tag
  • update xml parser
  • Add "Category failure" Column to Reviewers Comments Report (Simplified)
  • Fail to discard workflow if this workflow has ever used "skip activities" function.
  • Two separate segment displayed, when use the Office 2010 Extractor V2.0
  • PO file: translated PO files contain extra tags
  • HTML Entity ' ' in XML got changed to '&nbsp;' during Export
  • getOffice2010AppXmlFile() inefficent
  • Cannot open the downloaded docx file when use the "Office 2010 Extractor v2.0"
  • html filter changes entities to char on img tag
  • import tmx file as UTF-16LE fails
  • Office 2010 xlsx: figures translate to text lead the target file can't open normally.
  • Missing tags in the target segment if tags are different between source and target in TM.
  • Office2010 Docx: th_TH target file does not display well.
  • XML Filter: Internal Tag does not work when using an element post-filter
  • Single quotes becomes double quotes in xml file.
  • string index out of bounds -1 for ttx upload
  • "TM Search" feature can cause TM/database performance issues
  • Office 2010 docx: text with some styles is not extracted.
  • Putting PPTX through the Office 2010 filter with the Translate URLs option enabled. - not working
  • Error prompt is not accurate when opening tags [b]] or [i]] are missing in TER.
  • Support IE11
  • IDML:failed to open idml file due to disordered mandatory tag.
  • Some "+" in script caused html job failed.
  • FireFox: can not export entire TM.
  • text order of idml not reading order
  • Html job failed due to script section.
  • Office 2010 Docx: Exported file can't display well and need to re-apply font
  • Untouched entity and character are changed in target xml file.
  • Incorrect word count where source is ZHCN (may be true when source is an Asian language)
  • resx reader/writer different version than client source
  • IDML: failed to open target file with extension IDML.
  • unable to import TM when using IE
  • Header/Footer breaks job creation office 2010 filter
  • Add XSL option to file filters for RESX
  • Add search menu back.
  • xliff 1.2 Globalsight offline kit file: change attribute x=" to xid="
  • fetchJobsPerCompany API has different timezone info
  • Can not modify/save rate when there's an existed rate name contains quotation mark
  • Resx file filter: SID setting in XML filter does not take effect.
  • Office 2010 docx: numbering is not extracted.
  • HTML content - Entities within CDATA are not extracted properly
  • reviewer report not translated, but later is
  • OmegaT: uploading failed with Deny Edit selected
  • Office 2010 XLSX: Translated xlsx file can't open due to the tag broken.
  • Another Set of Excel File were corrupt on Export and could not be opened - Microsoft
  • Support IE11
  • When delete TM, the names shown in the list should be the related TM Profile names but not the TM names.
  • Endnote References in office 2010 filter word document are exposed for translation/corrupted
  • Opened files for "Create PDF" don't close automatically on CS5 converter machine.
  • translation Edit report takes a long time to generate
  • The "Save" button on my activity details page is missed.
  • IDML: not extracted text.
  • "Estimated Translated Completion Date" is incorrect in My Jobs -> Ready and In Progress
  • regression in office 2010 filter that affects segmentation
  • New Office2010 docx: subscript is extracted incorrectly
  • Unable to download target files from other projects.
  • xml with html filter gives malformed tag
  • hebrew pptx has extra rtl attribute
  • Update needed to the notes and help text in offline RTF files
  • Return "jobName" as part of xml respond in "getLocalizedDocuments(...)" APIs.
  • TM import error: column 'firstEventId' cannot be null
  • Support IE11
  • br tags causes uploading failed.
  • smartbox - not delivering content via ftp
  • TB: some fields are lost after save.
  • Potential Security Issues in GlobalSight
  • Downloaded file path in zip file is very long.
  • New Office Beta filter segments hyperlinks
  • IDML: much content is not extracted.
  • target idml not creating correctly
  • PO files with html secondary filter gives 0 wordcount
  • xml rules behaviour
  • Office2010: excel file with hidden text can't be extracted.
  • Reassigning tasks changes activity status.
  • review xliff tags, use XLIFF standard instead of TMX
  • Changing job ID in url allows user to see and interact with jobs from other companies
  • roll logs happens at 12:00 midday instead of 00:00 midnight
  • webservice getTasksInJobs returns error when job is exporting
  • Export Failed Waters OLH jobs on file
  • Logging for ignore untranslated segments on translator uploads
  • Workflows sometimes get stuck in "Skipping" state after use of Skip Activities
  • Office 2010: HYPERLINKs are not extracted
  • br tag not added to default html filter
  • Include Repeated Segments as Seperate File checkbox is selected by default
  • Download progress stops at 50% with error in console
  • TM Search - Edit Entry not displaying segments which begin and end with a []] tag
  • GlobalSight puts wrong TU timestamp in TMX causing OmegaT to pick the wrong match
  • Office2010: & in HYPERLINK caused target file failed to open
  • Return "jobName" as part of xml respond in "getLocalizedDocuments(...)" APIs.
  • CVS File (Module) Mapping issue for projects created since July 2013 - module mapping does not work
  • Create CVS Job - Select CVS File(s) - unable to browse for files in IE10 on Windows 8
  • Translation Edit Report - Closed segments do not close when uploaded
  • If the entire segment is internal text, the segment should not be counted as un-translated.
  • Excel File were corrupt on Export and could not be opened
  • Translated ICE Matches showing up as untranslated text in Inline/popup editor "Not Translated" filter
  • Deleted workflow data remains in workflow, task_info, jbpm_taskinstance tables
  • Office 2010 docx: unable to download translation kit
  • Script on Export function problem if a folder contains more than 1 file
  • Target tuvs are not updated according to leverage matches when discard and re-add workflow back.
  • Character Count Report outputs the character counts as numbers stored as Text
  • Dispatcher - IPTranslator connector not working
  • Dispatcher - Pre-Processing script for user generated content
  • Tables in Word 2010 not displaying with translated text
  • files fail to import, occasionally
  • When file name contain ' open the file with inline editor is always display loading.
  • Cannot delete segmentation rule even the tm profile that was using it has been removed.
  • GlobalSight changes TUV creationdate/changedate during TMX/G-TMX import
  • Mettler - no language code in some reports
  • Office2010: segments in consolidated rtf file do not order by pages in source file.
  • Files (TER, RCR, RTF, etc) uploaded by translator accounts not saved to server as per GBS-3115.
  • Malformed html with format of "text<br>text</br>" in clients xml.
  • TM3: restructure fingerprint key to improve fuzzy query performance
  • Activity Duration report can not get data for archived jobs.
  • XML tag containing question marks cannot be extracted for translation
  • ReviewersCommentReport - Comments entered via online editor are stored in the wrong colomn upon download of ReviewersCommentReport.
  • "Leverage from" option in workflow does not behave as expected.
  • webservice: multiple calls to uploadFile dont update wordcount
  • webservice: getFirstTu not working
  • online editor: -1 error on failed export
  • Swallowed exception handling in editorPageHandler
  • Office 2010 docx Arabic target files
  • Unable to export indonesian TM correctly