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GlobalSight release 8.1.1

GlobalSight 8.1.1 is a minor release of the GlobalSight system. While it contains several minor fixes, the primary focus of this release is to increase unit-test coverage of the product, focusing on the filters and converters. Additionally, there are several longer-running efforts that are affected by this release:

  • The first phase of Passolo integration will be started during this period, although its inclusion in the actual release is TBD
  • The first round of work on the automatic action framework will begin
  • An overhaul of the terminology backend to replace the raw JDBC with Hibernate and to add test coverage will complete

For instructions on upgrading to the new release, see Upgrading GlobalSight.

Note: Due to schema changes to fix GBS:1953, the upgrade installer may take a long time to complete the database update, when run against a system with large quantities of either TM data or active job data. The schema update may take anywhere from minutes to several hours, depending on the volume of data in the database.

Ongoing Development

  • "Phase 1": Passolo Integration
  • Automatic Action framework
  • Support all valid pathname/filename characters


  • Rates and Cost - support for 3 digits
  • Ability to filter out pages where word count = 0
  • Improve My Activities search Performance [[isUserRejected(), isUserRejectedForReassign()]
  • GlobalSight cannot run multiple instances on the same host
  • RTL formatting not set
  • comment analysis report: Reviewer comments and translator feedback/comments are hard to tell apart
  • Add support for "category" parameter for MS public URL
  • FrameMaker/MIF Filter: font translation or other solution for Asian preview
  • Allow running Customize Reports for Ready status jobs

Test coverage enhancements

  • Refactor so we can use it for other (Java) filters
  • Support the ability to test multiple filter configurations in filter unittests
  • Base Filter Unittest: HTML
  • Filter Configuration Unittests: HTML
  • Base Filter Unittest: IDML
  • Filter Configuration Unittests: IDML
  • Base Filter Unittest: Java Properties
  • Filter Configuration Unittests: Java Properties
  • Base Filter Unittest: Javascript filter
  • Filter Configuration Unittests: Javascript filter
  • Base Filter Unittest: XML Filter
  • Filter Configuration Unittests: XML Filter
  • Base Filter Unittest: PO Filter
  • Filter Configuration Unittests: PO Filter
  • Base Filter Unittest: JSP Filter
  • Filter Configuration Unittests: JSP Filter
  • Base Filter Unittest: Office 2010
  • Filter Configuration Unittests: Office 2010
  • Base Filter Unittest: OpenOffice
  • Filter Configurations Unittest: OpenOffice
  • Base Filter Unittest: XLIFF Filter
  • Base Filter Unittest: RTF
  • Base Filter Unittest: RC
  • Base Filter Unittest: Office 2003 and 2007
  • Base filter unittest: InDesign (CS5) Converter

Bug fixes

  • Termbase maintenance: Search doesn't seem to work
  • System error happens when refresh the page
  • Login from Notification Mail
  • Filter Configuration page no longer accessible after adding filter with bad description
  • Replace CoffeTableAWT.jar with JTable or something else
  • Termbase browser error on wildcard search
  • JSP errors end up lost, or in server.log
  • ant.jar signed in-place during build
  • globalsight.jar rebuild in-place during build
  • Termbase browser does not find exact matches
  • office 2010 filtered pptx can be broken by vendor
  • termbase resources are not reported in offline download status
  • attachments.Directory in server-config.wsdd causes funny directory to be created
  • Refactor so we can use it for other (Java) filters
  • Office 2010: docx Job failed
  • Wrong creationid in offline tmx when check "Set Creation ID to "MT!"
  • GS always re-index termbase when job is Exported
  • Termbase re-indexing occurs on export regardless of "Terminology Approval" setting
  • Cannot save Download Offline File Options in Mac with Firefox 4 browser
  • TM - Segments containing only numbers can not be leveraged
  • idml - Missing translation in exported target file.
  • GS failed to count segments/words for 100% and ICE matches instead most of 100% and ICE matches are counted as No Matches
  • When searching "my activities" GS returns to the "search page" every time
  • Inconsistancy between Detailed Word Counts and export log file
  • Offline TTX: False "invalid filename" error when uploading TTX file
  • xml fails to import, occasionally

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