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Getting Started Guide
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Online Help

GlobalSight has two on-line helps for support when carrying out tasks:

  1. GlobalSight: context-sensitive on-line help available by clicking Help for extra information on that particular part of the application
  2. Desktop Icon: on-line user guide available by clicking Help

Opening the GlobalSight Help

You can open the help in two ways:

  1. Click Help in the top right corner from inside GlobalSight

  2. Open the URL directly via <your url>/globalsight/help/en_US/GlobalSight.htm. For example http://globalsight01.welocalize.com/globalsight/help/en_US/GlobalSight.htm

Browsing the Help

Click Show Table of Contents to see the full content of the help.

You can find information by:

  • Browsing the Contents
  • Browsing the Index
  • Searching using either Search button in the left or right panes