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Terms and abbreviations

The following is a list of terms and abbreviations commonly used in GlobalSight. If there is something that should also be included, please add it or let us know!

This list describes terms as they are used in the GlobalSight system, rather than a direct explanation of each item.

The GlobalSight online help also includes a Glossary.

GlobalSight terms

Term Explanation
Activity A step in the translation workflow for a job, as described by the activity type
Activity type A task in GlobalSight. For example translation, review, PM review, engineering and so on. It is defined within GlobalSight to facilitate the building of workflows
Alignment The process by which segments in previously translated files are matched with one another to create translation memory
Attribute Additional set of metadata that users can add to a job. Text fields, dropdown lists, integers, dates and so on
API Application Programming Interface
CMS Content Management System
Desktop Icon Application downloaded to your computer to create jobs. An alternative to creating jobs online
DI Desktop Icon
DTP Desktop Publishing
Export The process of writing localized (or in‐progress) content out from GlobalSight
File Profile Tells the system how to handle specific file types, for example xml, html, doc and so on. Sets rules on how these files are handled at job creation and while moving through the system
Glossary See Terminology
GMS Globalization Management System
GXML GlobalSight XML. All content is converted to GXML when jobs are created
ICE In-Context Exact. An exact match in the same context as the source
IDE Integrated Development Environment
Import The process of bringing content into GlobalSight for localization processing from an external system
Job Translation from one language to another, as defined by the file profile.
Locale pairs A pairing of a source and a target language for the translation process
Localization Profile Defines how data will be routed through the system. Specifies when jobs are started, who does them, and in what order users work on them
LPU Language Project files in SDL Passolo
LSO Language Sign-off
LSP Language Service Provider
MT Machine Translation
My Activities Home page where team members (translators, reviewers, DTP engineers) manage their activities
My Jobs Home page where Project Managers manage their job
Passolo Software localization application by SDL
PM Project Manager
PO Portable Object
Project A project groups associated work together in a logical manner for enhanced reporting and greater flexibility. Jobs are created and assigned as part of these larger groups, for example, Marketing or Legal translations
RC Resource Compiler
RESX Resource file for .NET applications
Role The locale pair and activity type assigned to a user. For example, English (United States) [en_US] -> German (Germany) [de_DE] and Translation1
RTF Rich Text Format
Segment A piece of localizable text, usually no bigger than a sentence
SID Segment Identifier
SID-based matching This checks whether the source text and the unique identifier of the string being translated are exactly the same as the match found in TMs
SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol. A remote procedure protocol based upon XML over HTTP
SRX Segmentation Rules eXchange
TB Term Base
TBX TermBase eXchange
TD Terminology Database
TDA TAUS Data Association
TER Translations Edit Report
Terminology A shared glossary of approved translations for particular words or phrases. Often used with product names or core concepts to ensure consistent translations across multiple jobs
TM A Translation Memory is a database of stored translations that is used for leveraging future translations and re-using previous ones
TM Profile Defines how multiple TMs should apply to translations. Determines the order in which multiple TMs should be accessed for leverage and defines the rules for leveraging from these TMs and how it is presented to the translation team
TMS Translation Management System. Generic name for this kind of system, as opposed to a particular product
TMX Translation Memory eXchange
Workflow A sequence of activities assigned to particular users in a predefined sequence. Dispatches tasks to the correct users for processing and provides an accurate tracking of the process
WSDL Web Services Description Language. An XML document that fully describes all input to the Web service methods

General terms

Standard industry terms are not always included, unless for reference or to clarify their use in the GlobalSight system. General terms are defined and maintained better elsewhere, such as the following: