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Creating Jobs with Desktop Icon


  • Some files may require preparation before submitting to GlobalSight. Check any implementation-specific instructions on the process map
  • Desktop Icon is installed. See Setting up Desktop Icon if needed

Alternative: You can also create jobs online in GlobalSight, if you do not have Desktop Icon installed.

To create a job using Desktop Icon:

  1. Open Desktop Icon from the Start Menu
    SubmittingRequestsWithDesktopIcon image1.png

  2. Click Add Files
    SubmittingRequestsWithDesktopIcon image3.png

  3. Select the files to be translated and click Open. The file shows in Desktop Icon
    • You can also drag-and-drop files or entire folders into the File(s) window
  4. Select the file from the File(s) window, select the File Profile and click Map files. The mapping result and target locales show
    SubmittingRequestsWithDesktopIcon image4.png

    • Make sure to select the file to be mapped
    • You can select several files by pressing Ctrl-Shift-Arrow. You may have to adjust the mapping if several file profiles are available
    • The File Profile determines the work-flow and process for the project. Check the implementation-specific instructions on the process map. Contact your Project Manager or the GlobalSight Team if you are unsure of which mapping to use
  5. Click Browse next to Attached File to include additional reference files, that are not translated. Select the file and then click Open
    SubmittingRequestsWithDesktopIcon image5.png

  6. Edit the Target Locales as needed

  7. Enter a Job Name for the job. Use a name that is descriptive and easy to understand. Use supported characters only
    SubmittingRequestsWithDesktopIcon image7.png

  8. Add Job Comments as needed. For example an FTP location, additional information about the job and so on
    SubmittingRequestsWithDesktopIcon image8.png

    • Specify the editing, review and/or testing requirements
    • Add the location of any additional files that may be needed. For example an FTP location. You can also submit additional reference files after creating the job
  9. Click Set Job Attributes, if needed. Attributes are client/project-specific
  10. Use the optional split feature for jobs with many files. For example, one hundred or more:
    • Select either Maximum number of files per job or Maximum total file size per job (KB) and set the values
      SubmittingRequestsWithDesktopIcon image9.png

    • Desktop Icon creates several jobs based on the number or size of the files, splitting the job into several batches. The first batches can go through QA while the rest of the batches are being translated. You may need to enable the split feature in your Preferences
  11. Double-check the information, and click Create
    SubmittingRequestsWithDesktopIcon image10.png

  12. Click OK when the Upload is confirmed as successful
    SubmittingRequestsWithDesktopIcon image11.png

The job is created and an email is sent to notify the Project Manager. Email notifications can also be turned off, so double-check with the Project Manager if needed.

You can also provide the original source files or additional files for reference.