What is GlobalSight?

GlobalSight is an open-source Translation Management System (TMS) that automates, streamlines, and manages the localization process.

Upon upload, files for translation are routed along a customized workflow that can include both machine and human steps. Translations, reviews and edits are done online using the GlobalSight editors or offline by downloading translation kits for each of the main industry-standard tools. The completed files are then finalized and made available for download.

Typical GlobalSight users include localization project managers, translators, reviewers, DTP engineers, as well as administrators and developers.

Check the release notes for full details on the latest features.


Highlights & Features

Localization Automation

GlobalSight automates many localization tasks that needed to be performed manually previously. For example, filtering and segmentation, TM leveraging, analysis, costing, file hand-offs, email notifications, TM update, and target file generation

High Configurability

GlobalSight can be configured to handle a wide range of translation process scenarios  by creating re-usable configuration objects such as file profiles, localization profiles, project profiles, Translation Memories (TMs), Translation Memory profiles, terminology databases, filter configurations, workflows, users, permission groups, locale pairs, workflow activity types, rates and so on.

Customized Workflows

GlobalSight provides ready workflow templates that are used for standard translation jobs. The same workflows can also be customized or created as new to adapt to any particular workflow scenario.

Centralized and Simplified Translation Memory (TM)

GlobalSight manages both the Translation Memory and terminology centrally at the server. The result is maximum leverage, regardless of who does the translation. An alignment mechanism is also available for generating the TM from documents translated previously.

Human Translation and Machine Translation (MT)

GlobalSight supports both human and machine translation that is fully-integrated with the PROMT, Microsoft Translator and Asia On-line machine translation engines. MT is also provided in “batch” mode with any MT engine.

Multiple-Vendor and Multiple-Client Support

GlobalSight supports translation processes that use several Language Service Providers (LSPs), while keeping client data separate and secure using a multi-tenancy architecture.

Terminology Management and Leveraging

GlobalSight provides TM management and leveraging that includes multilingual TMs and the ability to leverage from multiple TMs

Multiple File-Type Support

GlobalSight supports all main file-types: RTF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, XML, HTML, Javascript, PHP, ASP, JSP, Java Properties, FrameMaker, Adobe InDesign, RESX, Portable Object, OpenOffice, Resource Compiler, RESX, WorldServer translation kit, Passolo and so on.

TM Matching

GlobalSight currently supports matching for In Context Exact, Segment ID-based In-Context Exact, 100%, and fuzzy

Online Translation Editors

GlobalSight includes two applications for translating and reviewing online - Pop-up Editor and Inline Editor.

Web Services API

GlobalSight provides an API for programmatic access to GlobalSight functionality.


GlobalSight contains 25 pre-defined reports as well as continuous visibility to project status