Enabling Updating Leverage for Active Jobs

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In translation jobs, you can now get the latest translation matches by re-applying reference TMs and even job TMs from other jobs that are still in progress.

Translators working concurrently can then take advantage of each other's work, or leverage against additional TM data that has been added to the system.

To enable update leveraging:

  1. Select Permissions->My Activities
  2. Click the Update Leverage box
    Gs82 06.jpg

  3. Click Done

The user can now see the Update Leverage button after the activity is accepted.

Gs82 07.jpg

Update Word Counts allows admin or PM users to update word count statistics based on the Update Leverage result.

To enable Update Word Counts:

  1. Click Permissions->My Jobs->Jobs (View)
  2. Click the Update Word Counts box
  3. Click Done

After logging back in, the user can see the Update Word Counts button in the job page.

Gs82 09.jpg