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The current release is GlobalSight 8.7.3.

Release Date Release Notes Main Content More Information
8.7.3 March 20, 2017 GlobalSight release 8.7.3 Maintain knowledge of which are mt segments, Ability to Identify MT Matches in Reports, QA Report Update – Include Initial Leverage Match, Download API to allow Combined Download, New GetFileProfilesForL10nProfile API call, Comprehensive Pending Job Information, Popup Editor to Support Viewing and Replace Picture File, Post Edit distance report, Populate MT matches option added to offline kit options, MT count in word counts, In Context Review tool - HTML file support, JBoss/WildFly Upgrade, Add create job relevant apis to restful apis set, Dynamic Quality Framework fields (DQF), Wild card search in TM search, PO files. Context and Translator notes info as reference, Plugin for Adobe Experience Manager 6.2, Addition of Secondary JSON filter to XML filter, QA Checker:differentiate source==target types, Microsoft Translator API change, Overdue date to be set as 'time to accept' + 'time to complete', Post Edit Distance report – all / latest option, Password complexity, Restart Globalsight from the GUI, Perplexity score MT segments, Base Text Escaping updates, Import / export configurations, Deprecate old tuv matches Training
Please check back, demo videos coming soon!
8.6.7 April 13, 2016 GlobalSight release 8.6.7 In Context Review Tool for INDD/IDML and Office 2010, Support InDesign CC for In Context Review, Stash (Bitbucket) connector, Blaise Connector, Support Dynamic Contents in Eloqua, Support Xliff 2.0 Specification, Support xliff 2.0 as a source format, Add Google MT connector to Dispatcher Middleware, Upgrade JBoss and JDK version, Remove JMS usage in job export, API enhancments, Timed/Automatic Completion of Workflow Activities, Recreate ready jobs, Added re-try MT option, Allow mixed encodings files for same workflow, export TM with single source target TUV's, New Secondary Post Filter to Plain Text Filter, Add Multi-select to My Jobs - Job ID filter, Ability to Batch Download QA Reports, Compact tags included in RCR reports downloaded from within a task, New Translation Verification Report, Support Special characters (emojis) Training
Please check back, demo videos coming soon!
8.6 May 25, 2015 GlobalSight release 8.6 Full text search via API, TM export and search improvements, download translation kits by word count, UI and usability improvements, Job queue improvements, Admin and Logging improvements, report improvements Training
8.5.6 October 24, 2014 GlobalSight release 8.5.6 Reviewer scorecard, automatic upload and download of offline reports, easier PDF creation, hierarchical TMs, UI and usability improvements, report improvements Training
8.5.1 December 9, 2013 GlobalSight release 8.5.1 Report improvements, translation status for offline upload, translated text added to My Activities - In Progress, "Are You Sure" check for untranslated segments, job creation status, new TM profile option to stop search after finding 100% match, standard Smartbox options, connector to IP Translator for Park Training
8.5 August 6, 2013 GlobalSight release 8.5 Improved Job Details page, filtering by match type in Pop-up Editor, combined translation kit, exporting frequent segments, more info on upload errors, file/localization profiles in Online Jobs Report, text formatting in target segments, IDML support for InDesign CS6, enhanced Inline Editor, automatic export of target files, simplified download options, improved navigation, xlsx format for offline reports, instance ID in offline files, MT content distinguished, text formatting for pptx, OmegaT, warning for non-translated segments Training
8.3 patch release November 30, 2012 GlobalSight 8.3 patch release Filtering by Match Type in Pop-up Editor, downloading Several Jobs as one Combined Translation Kit, exporting Frequent Segments Training
8.3 October 18, 2012 GlobalSight release 8.3 Reports Inside Jobs, translation Kit as One File, Summary Reports, show/Hide PTags in Pop-up Editor, Source Segment with Compact Tags in Offline Reports, preview for IDML and Office 2010 Files, color Preview in PDFs, converter for InDesign CS 5.5, improved Setup Pages, Display Filter in Companies and Users Pages Security Alert | Training
8.2.2 April 10, 2012 GlobalSight release 8.2.2 New Web interface for creating jobs, job creation progress, Popup Editor: Auto-propagating translation for repeated segments, Office 2010 Filter: More Extracting Options for MS PowerPoint, moving and deleting style tags, new TM Search, new Leverage and Word Count Update, new Offline Upload for Translators, skipping Activities for All Languages, improved Character Count Report, improved Translation Edit Report Training
8.2 September 15, 2011 GlobalSight release 8.2 SDL Passolo 2011 Integration, Workflow Improvement: Batch Complete Activity and Batch Complete Workflow, Updating Leverage for Active Jobs, Internal Tag Configuration, SRX Extensions for Whitespace Handling, Customizable Comment Types In-depth View
8.1.1 June 09, 2011 GlobalSight release 8.1.1 1st phase of Passolo integration, automatic action framework, overhaul of the terminology backend to replace the raw JDBC with Hibernate and to add test coverage Minor release, no webinar
8.1 April 05, 2011 GlobalSight release 8.1 Modified the reports to Trados word breakdowns, Moved PM Charge from cost charges to price charges, PO file filter: translations leveraged from a PO file already translated are now scored as ICE matches, improved the File List report, MT is no longer populated for repetition segments Minor release, no webinar
8.0 February 23, 2011 GlobalSight release 8.0 Support for Microsoft Office 2010 (DOCX/XLSX/PPTX) and Adobe InDesign CS5 (IDML) file formats, support for WorldServer translation kits (.XLZ) and WorldServer XLIFF (.XLF) file formats, support for PO, RESX, and RC file formats, support for the LISA Term Base eXchange (TBX), Asia Online machine translation system integration, integration to the Translation Matching feature of the TAUS Data Association, new storage system for translation memories that offers improved leverage performance and better scalability for large TMs, support for Windows 7 Office 2003 and Office 2007 converters, access control groups for TMs Q&A September 02, 2010 GlobalSight release Converter for InDesign CS4, RSS feed, support for Microsoft Machine Translation, GlobalSight Editions, ability to add/modify/delete files from a job, TM sharing, new Terminology Management Translation and Review Process, ability to reset/retrieve passwords, SSL Support, new TTX format for offline files, Support for OpenOffice file formats, XML filter Presentation February 09, 2010 GlobalSight release XSL transformation preview online, Firefox browser support, Support for GlobalSight Internationalization (I18N), Ability to chain filters, Added XML Filters, Support Namespace in XML Rules, XLF/XLIFF support October 07, 2009 GlobalSight release Machine Translation Support for PROMT, Server Side CVS Support, Filter Configuration GUI, IP address management UI, auto repair Placeholders, Upload and Validation status during TM import, Custom DTD Support, New File List Report, Allow removal of a locale within a TM, Allow for the ability to set job priority during job creation via Desktop Icon, Upgrade Installer to upgrade GlobalSight from any prior release to latest release July 21, 2009 GlobalSight release Dynamic mapping of CVS modules, automatic dividing of large jobs into smaller ones May 27, 2009 GlobalSight release New TM APIs to retrieve all TM segments, support for CVS as a source content repository April 23, 2009 GlobalSight release Greater product extensibility through Web services, Productivity enhancers for tasks offline, expanded the Web service API, download all files available for translation with one click, with the option to get one consolidated TMX (Translation Memory eXchange) file for multiple source files March 2009 GlobalSight release Re-designed upgrade installer, Web services APIs for TM Management, downloading attachments in Comments, Check All and Clear All capabilities in the Job Details page under Workflows February 17, 2009 GlobalSight release New upgrade installer, new locale pairs, new default features, TMX-compatible XLIFF support
7.1 January 05, 2009 GlobalSight release 7.1 First open-source release

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