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== GlobalSight release ==
== GlobalSight release ==
: ''[https://welocalize.webex.com/welocalize/ldr.php?AT=pb&SP=MC&rID=26596087&rKey=900e5b45f5552e51 Release webinar]'' and ''[[GlobalSight 7.1.8 presentation|presentation]]''
: ''[https://welocalize.webex.com/welocalize/ldr.php?AT=pb&SP=MC&rID=26596087&rKey=900e5b45f5552e51 Release webinar]'' and ''[[GlobalSight 7.1.8 presentation|presentation]]''
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[[Category:Release information|GlobalSight 7.8.1]]

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GlobalSight release

Release webinar and presentation

GlobalSight is a new release of the GlobalSight system. It contains the new features, enhancements to existing features and bug fixes listed below.

For instructions on upgrading to the new release, see Upgrading GlobalSight.

New features in this release

  1. Converter for InDesign CS4
  2. Addition of an RSS feed
  3. Support for Microsoft Machine Translation
  4. GlobalSight Editions
  5. Ability to add/modify/delete files from a job
  6. TM sharing between GlobalSights
  7. A new Terminology Management Translation and Review Process
  8. Ability to reset passwords
  9. Ability to retrieve GlobalSight usernames
  10. GlobalSight SSL Support
  11. New TTX format for off-line files
  12. Support for OpenOffice file formats
  13. XML filter
  14. Enabling of IP filtering at the company level

Converter for Adobe InDesign CS4

GlobalSight now works with Adobe InDesign CS4 files.

Contact your admin to install and enable it.

Addition of an RSS feed

With the RSS Reader feature, you can now subscribe to a feed URL to read RSS data and import it into GlobalSight, to translate it and make the translated feed available.

Contact your admin to enable it.

Support for Microsoft Machine Translation

Microsoft Translator is now supported in this GlobalSight release.

Contact your admin to enable it.

GlobalSight Editions

The new GlobalSight Editions feature allows GlobalSight to talk to another GlobalSight edition on a different network, to transfer work from one edition to the next.

Contact your admin to enable it.

Ability to add/edit/delete files from a job

You can now add, edit or delete files from an ongoing job.

For details, see Making Changes to Ongoing Jobs in Managing GlobalSight Projects.

TM sharing between GlobalSights

One GlobalSight instance can now be leveraged against a Translation Memory Profile located in another.

The remote TM is used as a Reference TM in the Translation Memory Profile, not a Storage TM.

Contact your admin to enable it.

New Terminology Management Translation and Review Process

This release of GlobalSight introduces a new process for terminology management translation and review.

For example, an uploaded Word document goes through the traditional work-flow with translation and review steps as usual. When the final activity is finished and the job is exported, the source and target contents are imported automatically into the TermBase associated with the workflow.

Re-setting of passwords

In this release of GlobalSight, it is possible to re-set a password using the Forgot Password link on the login page.

Ability to retrieve GlobalSight usernames

GlobalSight can now also retrieve usernames that have been forgotten or lost using a Forgot Username link on the login page.

GlobalSight SSL Support

GlobalSight now supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). SSL is the predecessor of Transport Layer Security (TLS), and both are cryptographic protocols that provide security for communications over networks such as the Internet.

TLS and SSL encrypt the segments of network connections at the Application Layer to ensure secure end-to-end transit at the Transport Layer.

You can use SSL using Internet Explorer and adding the URL to login to GlobalSight with a HTTPS connection.

You can also use SSL with the Desktop Icon.

Contact your admin to enable it.

New TTX format for off-line files

GlobalSight has a new TTX format for off-line files. For details, see Translating TTX-format files in the Translating with GlobalSight document.

Support for OpenOffice file formats

In this release, GlobalSight works with all of the main OpenOffice file formats including ODF Text Document (ODT, OpenOffice Writer), ODF Presentation (ODP, OpenOffice Impress) and ODF Spreadsheet (ODS, OpenOffice Calc).

For details, see Configuring the Open Office Filter.

XML filter

GlobalSight can now control how the data in XML files is presented to the translator. For example the XML Filter can tell GlobalSight which parts of the file are translatable content, and which parts are non-translatable (such as HTML markup).

For a description of each item in the filter, see Configuring the XML filter.

Enabling of IP filtering at the company level

IPs can now be filtered at the company level. A new check-box Enable IP Filter has been added to the GlobalSight sub-company setting. The default is checked.

Contact your admin to enable it.


  • Added the option of not populating off-line
  • Opening and closing XML elements is now settable
  • Added custom fields to jobs for tracking client-specific job data
  • Added support for GlobalSight Internationalization (I18N)
  • The Installer GUI now works on x64 Windows machines
  • Added the sorting of all activities by Job ID from high to low
  • In Job Details, "PO Number" has been changed to "PO Number or Cost Center"
  • In Job Details, the "Initiator" field now shows the PM, not the submitter
  • Configuring of whether GlobalSight sends a "quote is ready" email to the submitter
  • Sending of a "job upload and import complete" email to the submitter
  • Option for hiding/disabling jobs in the splitting options in the Desktop Icon
  • Setting of the job custom attributes in the Desktop Icon
  • Upload of an XLIFF file to CrowdSight using the package downloaded from the email
  • Hiding secondary target files from some users based on permissions
  • Assigning a user rights to change their own password, giving them access to all user information
  • Added a report on custom attributes
  • Allowing users to import zipped TMX files for TM import
  • Extended the Web services for the Rosetta Foundation
  • GlobalSight sessions now survive a server restart
  • Emails generated automatically now include the "To" username
  • Job comments are no longer visible to vendors
  • Null user errors no longer show in the log when pressing the Details page button
  • CVS permission settings have been optimized and CVS menus now show under Setup
  • Removal of a user's CC email address
  • Download of Office 2007 documents
  • “Do not translate” styles now work in docx format
  • Added a link to GlobalSight to the "quote is ready" email notification
  • The log in the Desktop Icon now available under Help -> View log file
  • Added additional information to the XML header
  • Improved job visibility, no longer “all or nothing”
  • More efficient storage of PowerPoint files in the Corpus browser
  • Clicking "Click to view" now runs a zip file instead of a docx file with IE8 on the Activity Details page
  • A quote approver can no longer dispatch without dispatch permission
  • Enabled the Desktop Icon to work over HTTPS
  • Set Pop-up Editor as the default
  • The default XLIFF file now handles TMX tags
  • Jobs are no longer discarded when dispatching ready jobs from the Ready Job list
  • Tags and content are no longer removed from the target version of HTML files in the production server
  • Added an email link when redirected
  • Added a graph to the Online Job Report
  • Extended characters of the Latin 1 character set are no longer escaped by the JS file
  • Added Updating Source as a Workflow Step for In-Progress Jobs
  • Unicode escaped in CVS server with the unicode escape option can be unchecked for the properties file
  • PowerPoint slides are no longer downloaded offline as several XLIFF files
  • PM users can now set their own super-users
  • Email is now sent when one user (main, cc, bcc) is set to @
  • The attribute group can now be saved in a project
  • SSL causes secure and non-secure messages
  • PDF/Attachments to Comment Open at Times, Not at Others
  • Added default values for workflow activity settings
  • Added the sharing of source (for example English) comments during translation
  • Saving of a translated segment to the TM after the properties job has been exported
  • Added PM costs as a line item in the online reports
  • The Web service can now upload TMs
  • Email notifications are always sent
  • "Estimated Translate Completion Date" can now be changed
  • Added a tag check for target content in XLF job creation
  • The correct calculation result now shows in Rate -Word Count by % - Wrong
  • Online reports now include status
  • SID support now works in the XML filter or XML rule
  • Workflows now advance automatically with GlobalSight Editions
  • An extra message window is now prompted when a user changes the first name
  • Added unicode escape for 8859-1 file encoding to the Java properties file format
  • Super Company users can now download comment attachments
  • Quote Ready/Quote Approved mechanism can now be used without a PO
  • The length of a job name is now checked by DI
  • Ready to Dispatch email is not sent to CC and BCC email account
  • The encoding information (encoding="utf-8") shows in the exported XML
  • You can now display My Activities Available and In Progress information
  • XLIFF source entities have been changed
  • Fixed the truncation in the Properties window of Activity Nodes
  • Notifications are now sent for review (editable) activities
  • The XLIFF target is no longer set as a 100% match with English
  • The XLIFF exported now takes on the encoding of the exported languages
  • Exporting of a single InDesign file
  • Adding of activity type information in an off-line XLIFF file
  • The XLIFF file "state" attribute is now part of the element
  • You can now 'Click to view' or download the source file if the file path or the file name contains the “#” character

Bug fixes

  • Corrected the system error caused when the user's fax number includes "@"
  • The Word converter now exports correctly
  • An error caused when a translator accepts an activity and right-clicks the target file has been fixed
  • The activity list now shows properly when the job name is longer
  • Failure to re-import the source file to a create new job has been fixed
  • An error when logging in as super project manager has been fixed
  • In Desktop Icon, the message about legal job name characters has been corrected
  • In HTML, entities within URLs are no longer lost
  • The Re-export function now works
  • Corrected the prompt message that appears when the job searched for is not found
  • Corrected the error that occurs when duplicating terminology with same name
  • Various Firefox browser issues have been fixed
  • Default context exact match now uploads correctly
  • Export of secondary target files now works correctly
  • Incorrect emails are no longer sent when a job is discarded
  • The target file download no longer fails when the jobname includes a "+"
  • Cannot connect screen no longer shows after logging in a few times
  • Error in the log when exporting to Excel 2007 has been corrected
  • Inline Editor short cut functions now work correctly
  • MT words are no longer counted twice
  • Yellow background no longer shows in the pop-up editor in Firefox
  • Syntax error no longer closes the FileSystem in the File Configuration page
  • Translations are no longer truncated in inline and pop-up editors
  • Desktop Icon job creation failure has been fixed
  • INDD File Import failure has been fixed
  • InDesign Export failure has been fixed
  • tw4winExternal style now works correctly in documents
  • You can now view files with "+" in the filename
  • Errors in the log when creating a job have been corrected
  • Aligner package can now be created successfully
  • IE8 no longer turns INX files into XML when downloading secondary files
  • The Activity Name field now works in My Activities > Search Activities
  • Fixed the XLIFF file upload error when xml:lang is set
  • Fixed the system error when editing a project or opening a job
  • Fixed the translator upload errors
  • GlobalSight no longer removes HTML tags and cell borders from exported XLS files
  • SSL redirect no longer causes superAdmin users to fail
  • Fixed Several issues in "Corpus Browser" from "Concordance" in the segment editor
  • Wrong content in files downloaded by Desktop Icon has been fixed
  • Extraneous folders in exported target file download has been fixed
  • Email notifications no longer sent while Skipping Activities
  • Fixed the system errors that arise when searching for Activities
  • Fixed the HTTP Status 500 error that shows when clicking "About GlobalSight"
  • In Office 2007 docx files, GlobalSight no longer extracts the embedded URL link
  • In Firefox, fixed the empty window issue in termbase viewer in HTTPS support for GlobalSight Editions
  • Missing XLIFF tags no longer cause a non-graceful failure to upload
  • Terminology is no longer missing from the translation kit
  • Term field data is no longer missing from the translation kit
  • XLIFF now uploads correctly
  • Fixed the tag change issues in GlobalSight implementation
  • Apostrophes no longer cause import failure
  • Language, folder and file names are correct in the downloaded job
  • After uploading a file successfully, "1 file (100%)" now shows instead of "0 files (100%)"

GlobalSight releases

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